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Rehabilitation of Eastern Avenue NE

Eastern Avenue NE is one of three boundary streets between Washington, DC, and the State of Maryland. The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) records indicate that Eastern Avenue NE was constructed with 8” reinforced concrete and topped with 2” asphalt. 

DDOT began the design process for rehabilitation of Eastern Avenue NE from New Hampshire Avenue, NE to Whittier Street, NW. The objective of this project is to rehabilitate or reconstruct Eastern Avenue NE; replace deteriorated sidewalk, curb, gutter including intersection design of New Hampshire Avenue NE to improve pedestrian safety; access and visibility at all intersections; replace deteriorated catch basins and manholes; and introduce public realm improvements along Eastern Avenue from New Hampshire Avenue NE to Whittier Street NW. 

See the 30 percent plan on Scribd. 

Location Map of Proposed Project


DDOT has proposed improvements on Eastern Avenue, from New Hampshire Avenue NE to Whittier Street NW in order to do the following:

  • Reduce vehicle speeds
  • Improve pedestrian movements and safety
  • Provide a safer roadway for bicyclists
  • Reconstruct non-ADA compliant features
  • Reconstruct deteriorating roadway infrastructure

Some possible improvements include new bike lanes and sidewalks, as pictured below. 

Roadway improvements:

  • Sidewalk and bike lane addition from Kansas Avenue NE to Sligo Mill Road
  • Construct new 6-foot sidewalks with 6-foot grass buffer northbound from Sligo Mill Road to North Capitol Street NW
  • Pavement Reconstruction from Whittier Street NW to Kansas Avenue NE and from Sligo Mill Road NE to New Hampshire Avenue NE 0.40 MILES
  • Pavement milling from Kansas Avenue NE to Sligo Mill Road NE 0.20 MILES

Draft Designs


Current Project Schedule

  • Design Completion: Fall 2017 
  • Construction Begins: Summer 2018 
  • Construction Completion: Winter 2019