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District Department of Transportation

Reconstruction of Kennedy Street Phase II

The Kennedy Street, NW corridor from 16th Street, NW to Georgia Ave, NW has vibrant characteristics with mixed land use, which comprises of residential and commercial establishments along the corridor and four intersections. 16th Street, NW and Georgia Ave, NW both are designated as snow emergency and evacuation routes, and both roadways serve as primary truck and bus routes.

What is the objective of this project?

The project objective is to revitalize the deteriorated Kennedy Street, NW corridor from 16th Street, NW to Georgia Ave, NW by upgrading the roadway features; improving multi-modal connectivity; incorporating Vision Zero initiative by improving traffic safety; incorporating Livability Study recommendations; upgrading and improving signalized intersections, enhancing public space; and upgrading Stormwater Management Facilities.

What is DDOT planning to do?

DDOT is looking to integrate the following key elements into this project since the public meetings:

Kennedy St NW between 16th Street NW and Georgia Ave, NW, DDOT will:

  • Upgrade Roadway Features, including pavement reconstruction, curbing, sidewalk, LIDs and ADA facilities
  • Upgrade and improve existing signalized intersections, including countdown pedestrian signals
  • Reconfigure Kennedy Street, NW intersection with 14th Street, NW and Colorado Ave, NW
  • Reconfigure Georgia Ave NW and Illinois Ave NW intersection
  • Enhance public space and upgrade Drainage and Stormwater Management facilities

Georgia Ave NW from south of Kennedy St NW to Longfellow St NW, DDOT will:

  • Reconfigure Georgia Ave, NW and Illinois Ave, NW intersection and upgrade roadway features including curbing, sidewalk, and ADA facilities
  • Install a new traffic signal at intersections of Georgia Ave, NW & Longfellow Street, NW including countdown pedestrian signals

When will DDOT conduct the work?

100% final design is anticipated to be completed by early Winter 2022. Construction is anticipated to start by Fall 2022. 

Where can I get more information on this project?

Please contact Sean R. Moore, Community outreach at [email protected]