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Traffic Management Programs

Cars in the District

Every day, the men and women in DDOT's Traffic Operations Administration (TOA) keep the traffic signals running and vehicles moving on the District's 1,100 miles of roadway. View Live Traffic Reports,

Bicycle Parking - several bikes parked side-by-side in a rackBicycle Parking

Nationally aclaimed innovative initiatives, including the first self-service bike parking program and the Bikestation at Union Station.

Commercial Vehicles 0 white truck driving on a highwayCommercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles parking and traveling within the District may be subject to special permitting and restrictions.

Disability Parking - gray and light blue double-headed parking metersDisability Parking

The District has several programs intended to ensure on-street parking is accessible to residents and visitors with disabilities.

Ready for Action - District of Columbia Winter Snow and Ice Plan - red snow plow on yellow truck ready to plow snow on roadDistrict of Columbia Winter Snow and Ice Plan

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) works closely with the Department of Public Works (DPW) to clear snow and ice from District roadways and bridges.

Emergency Preparedness - man afixing an evacuation route sign to a street signEmergency Preparedness

DDOT plays a key role in helping the District and its residents prepare for emergencies including events or threats that might require the evacuation of the city.

HAWK SignalHAWK Signal

The HAWK signal is designed with a signal-beacon to help pedestrians safely cross busy streets.

Live DC metro Area Traffic Cameras and Interactive Locations MapLive DC Metro Area Traffic Cameras and Interactive Map

Select the providers you wish to display, select a map marker or type in street names. You may need to adjust the viewable radius to see all cameras.

Live DDOT Traffic Reports - ehicles backed-up on highway during rush hourLive DC Metro Area Traffic Reports

The District Department of Transportation helps ensure the smooth flow of traffic in Washington, DC. Select an incident below for more information on significant traffic events.

Multimodal Value Pricing Pilot for Metered Curbside Parking

 The Multimodal Value Pricing Pilot is using the Chinatown/Penn Quarter area as a laboratory to test state-of-the-art strategies to make it easier to find a parking space. 

ChargePoint - Park and Charge Pilot - electric car ChargePoint charging station on streetPark and Charge Pilot

The Park and Charge Pilot was launched in November 2010 to provide electric vehicle users the ability to charge up at public curbside parking spaces.

Parking Enforcement and Adjudication - orange parking violation ticket on windshield, under wiper bladeParking Enforcement and Adjudication

Parking enforcement is handled by the Department of Public Works (DPW). Adjudication of parking violations is handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Parking Meter Equipment - multi-space parking meterParking Meter Equipment

The District uses both single-space and multi-space parking meters and DDOT is aggressively working to introduce upgraded technology.

Parking Meters - double-headed gray parking meterParking Meters

The District Department of Transportation manages approximately 17,000 metered parking spaces across the District of Columbia. 

Performance-based Parking Pilots - several cars parking on a residential streetPerformance-based Parking Pilots

DDOT is using a method called performance-based parking to manage the on-street parking resources in pilot areas of the District.

Report a Broken Parking Meter - grey single-headed parking meterReport a Broken Parking Meter

DDOT is responsible for installations and maintenance of Parking Meters throughout the District of Columbia.

Reserve Parking for a Funeral - herse with a funerary floral display in the foregroundReserve Parking for a Funeral

A funeral includes any event at which mourners come to pay respects to the deceased. This includes events such as wakes, viewings, visitations, and memorial services.

Residential Permit Parking - white with green lettering 2-hour parking signResidential Permit Parking

The RPP program limits on-street parking to participating residents living on designated blocks. Parking for everyone else is limited to two hours.

Snow - ServicesSnow

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) works closely with the Department of Public Works (DPW) to clear snow and ice from District roadways and bridges. Participate in Potholepalooza 2013 and submit a pothole repair service request.

Snow Emergency Vehicle Towing Policy - 'no parking' red and white snow emergency route signSnow Emergency Vehicle Towing Policy

If a vehicle is not moved off a snow emergency route, DPW will tow the vehicle to a pre-determined lot. DPW will no longer relocate the vehicle in the local neighborhood.

Tour Bus Parking - the side of a white tour bus, as viewed along it's side, from rear to frontTour Bus Parking

Directions to several neighborhoods, major attractions, nearest Metrorail stops (METRO) and available parking for motorcoaches in DC.

Traffic Volume Maps - typical city street scene with various cars and buildingsTraffic Volume Maps

District Traffic Volume Map depicts the Annualized Traffic Volume at various locations of the District's roadways.

Visitor Parking Passes - autumn street scene in a quite residential neighborhood with treees and a red parked carVisitor Parking Passes

DDOT has launched 3 Visitor Parking Pass pilot programs to eliminate the inconvenience to residents of having to obtain a new pass everytime a visitor is expected.