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District Department of Transportation

On-Street Carsharing Program

Car sharing vehicles
On-Street Carsharing in DC

The District of Columbia was an early proponent of carsharing. Carsharing is a service that provides a spread-out network of cars that can be rented on-demand. Carsharing provides the mobility of a car without the expense of car ownership.

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) manages the District’s On-Street Carsharing Program.

The goals of DDOT’s On-Street Carsharing Program are to

  • Decrease parking demand by more efficiently using the District’s curb space
  • Ensure equitable access to shared mobility services for all District residents
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in line with the District’s sustainability goals
  • Increase availability of shared mobility services in the District
  • Collect program data for evaluation and transportation improvement

Carsharing companies that operate on-street in the District must obtain a public space permit. This permit allows these vehicles to park in Residential Permit Parking (RPP) zones for 24 hours and metered spaces longer than the posted time limit.

There are two types of carsharing on-street in the District, point-to-point carsharing and reserved-space carsharing. Point-to-point carsharing, sometimes called one-way or free-floating, allows customers to pick up a vehicle at one location and drop it off at another location. Reserved-space carsharing, sometimes called two-way or traditional, has customers to borrow from and return vehicles to the same reserved carsharing space.

The following companies have been granted a permit to operate a carsharing service in the District’s public right-of-way.


Company Type of Service Contact Information
Zipcar Reserved-Space


Customer Service Phone Number:


Customer Service Email:

[email protected]

Free2Move Point-to-Point


Customer Service Phone Number:


Customer Service Email:

[email protected]‐

Penske Dash Point-to-Point


Customer Service Phone Number:


Customer Service Email:

[email protected]

For employers, residential sites, developers, and hotels, if you would like assistance with starting a corporate account for a carsharing service or placing a vehicle in your building, please reach out to goDCgo at [email protected].

Further carsharing locations and program details are available on the companies’ websites.

Point-to-Point Carsharing Permits

DDOT released the terms and conditions for the Point-to-Point Carsharing Program for public comment on August 21, 2019. The public comment period closed on September 5, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. The comments and responses were posted on October 18th, 2019.

The Point-to-Point Carsharing Program is open to applicants. The 2020 Permit Terms and Conditions are available below. Please follow the below instructions to apply for this permit.

  1. Permit applicant contacts [email protected] and provide the following permit terms and conditions language
    1. Permit Holder Name
    2. Key Official
    3. Contact Person
    4. Address
  2. DDOT provides applicant-specific permit terms and conditions for signature
  3. Applicant signs permit terms and conditions and submits data and document verification of permit compliance
  4. DDOT completes review of permit compliance and issues or denies permit (5 business days after previous)
  5. Permit issued (1 business day after previous)
  6. Applicant's signed permit published on website (10 business days after previous)

Carsharing Regulation