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District Department of Transportation

Southern Avenue From Barnaby Road SE to UMC Campus

Southern Avenue from Barnaby Road SE to UMC Campus

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is planning to implement Southern Ave. from Barnaby Rd. SE to UMC Campus. The purpose of this project is to improve pedestrian vehicular and bicycle and safety by improving the existing road condition along Southern Avenue.

The proposed improvement includes, but not limited to installing traffic calming features, road configuration that includes refuge median, ADA compliant ramps, widening sidewalk, shared & dedicated bicycle lane, pavement markings, traffic signs, street lighting, improved drainage systems, and landscaping. It also includes upgrade the existing traffic signals and install new HAWK signals to provide safe crossing of pedestrians at uncontrolled intersections.

As part of this project there will be Stormwater Management facilities including LID features throughout the area to treat runoff water before it enters the storm drain system.

Timeline and Cost

Final design is completed.

Construction anticipated first quarter 2020.

Design cost $1.3 million, Construction $8 million.

Key Improvements

  • Improve pedestrian safety
  • Improve transit
  • Traffic calming Improve Lighting for
  • functional Illumination
  • New signals for safe pedestrian crossing
  • Landscaping, trees and streetscaping
  • Improve water quality
  • Help non-motorized connection

Project Contacts

Southern Ave Project