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District Department of Transportation

13th St. NW, Kansas Ave. NW, Quebec Pl. NW & Spring Rd. NW Traffic Signalization and Safety Upgrade Project

Mayor Muriel Bowser is committed to providing safe streets across the District. The 13th Street, Kansas Avenue, Quebec Place NW and Spring Road NW Traffic Signalization and Safety Upgrade Project is an important piece of that commitment. DDOT is working to make our streets function more efficiently and improve safety for District residents. The project will improve multimodal transportation safety and reduce conflicts between various vehicular and pedestrian movements by fully signalizing all crosswalks at the intersection, prohibiting dangerous turning movements, and upgrading all facilities to be ADA compliant.

Why do we need to upgrade this intersection?

As part of DDOT’s Rock Creek East II Livability Study and subsequent community engagement, DDOT identified several pedestrian safety and vehicular issues that required mitigation including lack of ADA compliance, missing pedestrian signals to cross Quebec Place NW and Kansas Avenue NW at Spring Road NW, and a high number of turning movement conflicts.

What is DDOT planning to do?

DDOT has completed a final design which will:

  • Update ADA ramps and add Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS).
  • Add pedestrian signals to the crossing of Quebec Place and to Kansas Avenue at Spring Road.
  • Add a northbound right turn only lane along 13th Street NW at Kansas Avenue NW and install protected signal phasing to eliminate pedestrian conflicts.
  • Convert Kansas Avenue NW between Spring Road NW and 13th Street NW to one-way southbound to reduce conflicts.
  • Install eastbound left turn phase for traffic turning left onto 13th Street NW from Spring Road NW
  • Prohibit the left turn movements from northbound 13th Street NW to Kansas Avenue NW and southbound Kansas Avenue NW to Spring Road NW.
  • Prohibit southbound right turns from 13th Street NW to Spring Road NW.
  • Upgrade all signal infrastructure and install LED streetlights for improved illumination of the roadway and crosswalks.

When will DDOT conduct the work?

DDOT has broken ground on this project and anticipates completion and activation of the new operation in early 2020.

What will DDOT do after completing construction? DDOT will monitor the operation following project completion to determine if the intersection is operating as intended. As needed, DDOT will adjust the signal timings and other features to meet the project objectives.

Where can I get more information on this project?

Please contact Brook Hailemariam, Transportation Engineer, Traffic Engineering & Signals Division at [email protected].