District Department of Transportation

Metropolitan Branch Trail – Southern Segment

Mayor Bowser is committed to providing safe streets across the District, and the Metropolitan Branch Trail- Southern Segment is an important piece of that commitment.

Project Overview

The proposed Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) construction extends from John McCormack Drive to the Fort Totten Metro Station and Gallatin Street NE. The MBT is the next major milestone toward the completion of the planned 8-mile trail between Silver Spring, Maryland and Union Station in Washington, DC. This portion of the trail will facilitate local access and connectivity between the Fort Totten Metro Station, Catholic University of America and the surrounding communities and provide the users with a safe and visually appealing experience. The project includes:

  • Construction of a new multi-use trail
  • Construction of three (3) retaining walls
  • Drainage
  • Stormwater management and erosion and sediment control facilities
  • ADA ramps and sidewalks
  • Pedestrian lighting system
  • Pavement markings
  • Trail signage
  • Landscaping improvements
  • Fence replacement
  • Maintenance of Traffic

During construction of Phase B improvements, which include reconstruction of the portion of the trail between Gallatin Street NE and 1st Place NE, a temporary trail will be constructed adjacent to the existing trail. The temporary trail will bypass the construction zone, provide an access point between Gallatin Street and 1st Place NE and allow the trail users to maintain connectivity between the Schools and the Fort Totten Metro Station.

The improvements are proposed to be designed and constructed in following phases:

Phase A – Construction of the new trail along John McCormack Drive NE;

Phase B – Reconstruction of the existing trail between Gallatin Street and 1st Place NE;

Phase C-D – Construction of the new trail between John McCormack Drive NE and Fort Totten Metro Station.

Anticipated Construction Schedule:

Phase A – Spring 2019 to Summer 2019
Phase B – Spring 2019 to Summer 2020
Phase C-D – Spring 2020 to Winter 2020

Project Contacts:

Nannette Bowles, DDOT Project Manager – [email protected] or 202-497-3953

Where can I get more information on this project?

For more information, visit the project website www.metbranchtrail-forttotten.com.