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District Department of Transportation

Blagden Avenue NW Sidewalk Installation

Mayor Muriel Bowser is committed to providing safe streets across the District, and the Blagden Avenue NW Sidewalk Installation Project is an important piece of that commitment. DDOT is working to make our streets function more efficiently and improve safety for District residents. The Blagden Avenue NW Sidewalk Installation project will improve pedestrian safety and walkability, enhance existing stormwater infrastructure, and upgrade all facilities for ADA compliance.

Why do we need to upgrade Blagden Avenue NW?

As part of DDOT’s Rock Creek East II Livability Study and subsequent community engagement, DDOT identified the need to improve pedestrian safety, stormwater management, of ADA compliance, and pedestrian facilities along Blagden Avenue NW.

What is DDOT planning to do?

DDOT has completed a final design which will:

  • Upgrade ADA ramps.
  • Build new sidewalk with curb and gutter
  • Add a crosswalk along Blagden Avenue NW
  • Install several catch basins and manholes

When will DDOT conduct the work?

DDOT expects to receive utility clearances this winter with construction expected to begin in Spring 2020.

What will DDOT do after completing construction?

DDOT will monitor the area following project completion to determine if the newly installed stormwater infrastructure is functioning as planned.

Where can I get more information on this project?

Please contact Othman Chebli, Transportation Engineer, Traffic Engineering & Signals Division at [email protected].