District Department of Transportation

Cleveland Park Streetscape and Drainage Improvement

The objective of this project is to address the local recurring flooding problem near the Cleveland Park Metro Station for drainage improvements; to improve pedestrian safety, access, and visibility at all intersections; and introduce public realm improvements along the corridor of Connecticut Avenue from Macomb Street to Quebec Street, NW. The overall project includes but is not limited to drainage improvement, streetscape, streetlight modification, paving and stormwater management along the Connecticut Avenue corridor.

This study will include the following details: subsurface utility engineering (SUE), drainage analysis, curb extensions, improvement of crosswalk striping, upgrading curb ramps to meet ADA standards, adding street furnishings (benches, bike racks, trash cans, tree box fencing), introducing LID/Bio-retention, introducing permeable pavers around the Metro station entrance and service lane medians, and raising Metro air vent grates above flooding levels.

Project Location

Connecticut Avenue NW, from Macomb Street to Quebec Street NW.

Project Schedule

Final design and recommendations shall be completed and delivered within nine months from the Notice to Proceed (NTP) date. This includes interim submissions of 30%, 65%, 90%, 100%, and a final PS&E submission. All submissions shall include plans, hydraulic calculations and reports, specifications, and cost estimate for review, and shall also be provided to permitting agencies. Construction schedule shall be prepared and included in the plans starting from 90% submittal.

Project Objectives

The goal is to analyze the existing condition of the drainage system and streetscape of the study area and determine the best/most practical solution to address:

  • Street flooding near Metro station by improving the drainage system, modifying the drainage structures, and providing detention of stormwater
  • Traffic and pedestrian safety, access, visibility by improving the streetscape along the Connecticut Avenue corridor.
  • Public realm requirements by providing and installing necessary street furnishings, gathering areas and signage.
  • Green Infrastructure by planting trees, introducing new LID/Bio-retention and permeable paving.