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Studies and Research

A tremendous amount of work at the Department of Transportation (DDOT) is done behind the scenes, long before crews break ground on construction projects. Our planning staff designs new projects and guides them from concept to engineering. Their studies also help identify needed improvements and help shape the District’s transportation policies. 

At the same time, DDOT’s in-house Research, Development, and Technology Transfer Program promotes innovative solutions to transportation problems and works with other department staff to integrate new technology into DDOT’s projects.

The Research Program is seeking ideas for future research projects at DDOT. Problem statements are accepted year-round; however selection of research project ideas is done annually, beginning in April. Note: to move forward, projects must have a DDOT staff member willing to champion the project.

Please submit your ideas to [email protected] using this project statement template.

1st Place and Galloway St, NE Transportation Access Study and Improvement Plan cover

1st Place and Galloway St, NE Transportation Access Study and Improvement Plan

The primary goal of the project is to improve circulation so all modes can safely access and navigate the station area as the surrounding neighborhood evolves and increases the demand for the use of the Fort Totten Metrorail station.

16th Street NW Transit Priority Planning Study

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is undertaking a planning study of 16th Street, NW, between H Street and Arkansas Avenue to improve transit performance and reliability in one of the highest in the region for bus ridership.

 accessDC Study

The accessDC Study will identify ways to offer people with disabilities and older adults in the District of Columbia better access to multiple transportation services.  

Anacostia Waterfront Transportation Master Plan coverAnacostia Waterfront Transportation Master Plan

DDOT is helping to transform the Anacostia Waterfront into a better place for citizens to live, work, and play. To accomplish these aims in the AWI area, DDOT has developed the Anacostia Waterfront Transportation Infrastructure Master Plan.

 Brookland-Edgewood Livability Study

 The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) completed a six-month livability study of the Brookland and Edgewood areas. DDOT livability studies seek to improve daily quality of life by taking a big picture look at the street network and by identifying actions to improve  transportation connectivity, safety and accessibility.

Capitol Hill Transportation Study coverCapitol Hill Transportation Study

This report summarizes the findings and recommendations of a study that evaluated options for improvements in the Capitol Hill Corridor.

Curbside Management Study

DDOT's Curbside Management Study provides a framework to guide future parking reform efforts by expanding on DDOT's "2012 Parking Think Tanks," and featuring additional data and user preferences for parking access.

Downtown West Transportation Study

DDOT is undertaking a planning study of the western portion of downtown to improve east-west travel for cyclists, pedestrians, and buses.

Eastern Downtown Protected Bike Lane Study

DDOT is studying potential alternative designs for a protected bike lane that would provide a low-stress bicycling connection between central DC neighborhoods, such as Shaw and Bloomingdale, and downtown.


Far Northeast Livability Study coverFar Northeast Livability Study

Far Northeast DC consists of 12 distinct but interrelated neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River and north of East Capitol Street in Ward 7. These neighborhoods are home to approximately 30,000 residents.

Far Southeast II Livability Study coverFar Southeast II Livability Study

The study area for the Far Southeast II Livability Study is located in the southeast section of the District of Columbia. The majority of the study area lies in Ward 7.

Georgetown Transportation Study mapGeorgetown Transportation Study

Picturesque, but with an underlying pulse of activity that is the lifeblood of this community. Georgetown is where you live, work, play and learn. It is a historic community that has always kept pace with the times.

Glover Park Transportation Study - streetscape of cars on tree-lined residential streetGlover Park Transportation Study

The Glover Park transportation study is complete. This study analyzed the existing transportation system and recommended projects to improve safety and access for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit users throughout the neighborhood.

Kenilworth Avenue Corridor Transportation Study coverKenilworth Avenue Corridor Transportation Study

This report summarizes the findings and recommendations of a study that evaluated options for improvements in the Kenilworth Avenue Corridor.

Livability Program coverLivability Program

Livability is a term that refers to community quality of life as experienced by the people who live, work, and recreate there.

Long Bridge Study

The purpose of the Long Bridge Study is to complete a comprehensive report of the Long Bridge,  a two-track railroad bridge constructed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, to include identification of short-term needs and long-term capacity improvements.  

Lower Georgia Avenue Transportation and Streetscape Improvements coverLower Georgia Avenue Transportation and Streetscape Improvements

This project examined a specific portion of the entire Georgia Avenue Great Streets corridor: Georgia and Sherman Avenues from Florida Avenue NW to New Hampshire Avenue NW.

M Street SE-SW Transportation Study - streetscape of M Street with a metrobus and several carsM Street SE-SW Transportation Study

The M Street SE/SW Transportation Study is identifying current and future transportation challenges and ways to address them within a roughly 1.7-square-mile area along M Street SE/ SW, and the Southwest waterfront.  


Mid City East Livability Study

The Mid City East Livability Study seeks to improve physical connectivity among the neighborhoods of Mid City East and their connections to the opportunities and assets of the larger city.

Mt. Pleasant Transportation Study - lady pushing stroller on mainstreetMt Pleasant Transportation Study

The Mount Pleasant transportation study is complete. This study provides information and recommendations to improve transportation and pedestrian conditions in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

Pennsylvania Avenue SE Transportation Study - Pennsylvania and Potomac Aves intersection street scenePennsylvania Avenue SE Transportation Study

DDOT conducted this study to examine the current and future traffic conditions in the Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

Petworth Parking Management Plan - metro station streetscapePetworth Parking Management Plan

New development around the Georgia Avenue/Petworth metro rail station is anticipated to create additional trips to the area. While many of these trips will be served by metro rail and bus, it is possible that the land use changes will also increase pressure on surrounding on-street parking resources.

Rhode Island Avenue NE Streetscape Master Plan

The overall intent of the Rhode Island Avenue NE Streetscape Master Plan was to create a pedestrian-friendly environment with amenities that enhanced the pedestrian experience.

Rock Creek West II Livability Study coverRock Creek West II Livability Study

The Final Report was completed in February 2011. It is a comprehensive summary of the work done and conclusions reached during the Rock Creek West II study. The Appendices contain supporting detailed technical information including public comments and design drawings.

Smart DC 

On February 4, DDOT submitted an application to the Smart City Challenge, a nationwide competition sponsored by the US Department of Transportation encouraging cities to envision how smart technology can help them meet future transportation challenges.

South Dakota Avenue Transportation and Streetscape Study - Fort Totten Metro bus shelter area and man walkingSouth Dakota Avenue Transportation and Streetscape Study

The District Department of Transportation, along with a consulting team from Wilbur Smith & Associates, and KLS Engineering, have embarked on a study of the South Dakota Avenue corridor from Hamilton Street, NE, to V Street, NE.

Speed Study Data and Map - speedometer imageSpeed Study Data and Map

All states, including the District of Columbia, formulate their speed regulations on the basis of some form of the basic speed law.

Traffic Operations and Parking Plan for the Baseball Park - Map of M St near the National's BallparkTraffic Operations and Parking Plan for the Baseball Park

DDOT conducted this study to provide guidance on how people will travel to the new ballpark.

Transportation Demand Management coverTransportation Demand Management

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is the application of strategies and policies to reduce travel demand-specifically that of single-occupancy private vehicles-or to redistribute this demand in space or in time.


MoveDC Multimodal Transportation Plan

The moveDC plan is the culmination of an 18-month process that involved thousands of residents from the District and the Washington metropolitan region. Key themes of moveDC include more travel options, reliability of transportation systems, safety for all, and efficiency of investments. These themes are highlighted in the recommendations for the modal elements (Pedestrian, Bicycle, Transit, Vehicle and Freight) as well as the supporting elements (Transportation Demand Management, Parking and Curbside Management, and Sustainability and Livability). Specifically, more than 200 new miles of bicycle facilities, a 22-mile streetcar system with the possibility of extension lines and more than 40 miles of High Capacity Transit, half of which could be in dedicated lanes, are proposed in moveDC. 

Related: Two-year action plan; movedc.org website


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