District Department of Transportation

Micromobility in the District

Dockless Vehicles in the District

Eight private dockless companies currently operate in the District:  

  • Two companies operate bicycles-- HelBiz and Jump 
  • Six companies operate electric scooters-- Bird, Lime, Lyft, Razor, Skip, and Spin.

Pilot for Shared Motor-Driven Cycles

In August 2019, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) launched a four-month demonstration pilot for motor-driven cycles, also known as mopeds, as part of the District’s continued commitment to foster new shared mobility options.

Bike and Scooter Corrals

Over 5 million dockless bike and scooter trips were taken in 2019. To support this growing transit option, DDOT is installing bike and scooter corrals across the District.

Making Dockless Vehicles Accessible to all Washingtonians

DDOT requires operators to make dockless vehicles accessible to all Washingtonians, regardless of income.