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District Department of Transportation

Micromobility in the District

Shared Fleet Devices in the District

“Shared Fleet Devices” refers to shared micromobility devices, typically dockless electric bikes, and electric scooters. DDOT permits four companies to operate Shared Fleet Devices in public space: Lime, Lyft, Spin, and Veo. All four of these companies operate shared scooters.  Lime, Spin, and Veo also operate shared dockless electric bikes. 

Pilot for Shared Motor-Driven Cycles

In August 2019, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) launched a four-month demonstration pilot for motor-driven cycles, also known as mopeds, as part of the District’s continued commitment to fostering new shared mobility options.

Making Shared Fleet Accessible to all Washingtonians

DDOT requires operators to make dockless vehicles accessible to all Washingtonians, regardless of income.

Data Privacy Commitment

Shared fleet device companies that operate electric scooters and bicycles in the District of Columbia are required to provide data and reports to DDOT as a condition of their permits.