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Shared Motor-Driven Cycles in the District

Public Comment Period Now Open

The 2020 draft terms and conditions are available below and open for public comment for 10 business days, through January 29, 2020. Residents are required to submit their comments in writing by email to [email protected] or by mail to 55 M Street SE Washington, DC 20003. The final terms and conditions will be posted here after all public comments are reviewed. 

Pilot for Shared Motor-Driven Cycles

In August 2019, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) launched a four-month demonstration pilot for motor-driven cycles, also known as mopeds, as part of the District’s continued commitment to foster new shared mobility options.

Companies that want to participate in the pilot must meet the terms and conditions of a new Public Right of Way Occupancy Permit (PROWOP). The terms include current laws related to the operation of mopeds such as requiring a helmet, possessing a valid driver license, and no riding on sidewalks and bike lanes. All pilot applicants will be allowed to operate up to 400 vehicles during the demonstration period.

The goal of this pilot program is to enhance and increase mobility access by exploring a new alternative to private vehicle ownership and offering another Mobility On Demand service to all District residents while reducing transportation-based emissions.

Shared motor-driven cycle operators with a 2019 Public Right-of-Way Occupancy Permit (PROW OP) are permitted to continue operations through Saturday, February 29, 2020 under the current permits. The second phase of the motor driven cycle pilot, which will be governed by revised terms and conditions, will begin on March 1, 2020 and continue through September 30, 2020. During this time, DDOT the will evaluate the program, and determine if and how these services will operate in the District. and how such businesses would be required to operate.

The following companies have been granted a permit to participate in the District’s demonstration pilot:

Revel Transit, Inc


Customer Service Phone Number: 855-690-9180

Customer Service Email: [email protected]


How to Apply to the Demonstration Pilot?

The application deadline for the initial demonstration period has ended. Once the new terms and conditions are finalized the application period will reopen. For more information, please email to DDOT at [email protected].

Please note that the template terms and conditions posted at the bottom of this page is for reference only.