District Department of Transportation

Bicycle Parking

H St Bike Corral

Safe, secure, and abundant bicycle parking is necessary to support the District’s growing number of people using bikes for transportation, commuting, and recreation. Providing sufficient bicycle parking is part of DDOT's strategy to promote bicycling in the District of Columbia and reduces the number of bikes locked to trees, benches, and railings.

Residents can request a bike rack in the public space by submitting a request to 311. DDOT installs around 400 bike racks per year and District regulations require new construction to provide both short and long-term bicycle parking for residents, employees, and visitors.

Bike Center

DDOT also manages the Bike Center at Union Station, offering more than 100 secure and protected parking spaces for bikes right next to the District busiest's transit hub.

For more information about bicycle parking or the Bike Center, please contact the program manager at [email protected].

Bike Parking Guide

The District Department of Transportation’s 2018 Bike Parking Guide is a one-stop resource for residents, businesses, and developers to learn about bike parking in the District. Relevant laws, design guidelines, and the process for requesting new bike parking racks are provided in an easy to read guide.

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