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Making Dockless Vehicles Accessible to all Washingtonians

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) permitted seven dockless operators to operate approximately 5,000 dockless bikes and scooters across the District in 2019. These permitted companies are required to facilitate programs that reduce the barriers to accessing dockless vehicles, regardless of income. Each has a Low-Income Customer Plan to make the system accessible to residents, regardless of income. Residents interested in the program should sign up with the individual companies.

Program Details:

  • Free unlimited 30-minute trips
  • Participants should contact individual operators for information and to sign up
  • Program is available to those who meet the following criteria:
    • A single person making less than $24,980/year.
    • A family of four where the household income is less than $51,500. (adults 18 years old and over)

How to sign-up:

  1. Scan or take a picture of any qualification that documents your participation in any state or federally-run assistance program. If you qualify and do not have documentation, contact the company directly.
  2. Upload or email it to the individual company at the addresses below. Include your full name and phone number (the phone number will be associated with your account.)
Bird [email protected]


[email protected]

Jump [email protected]


[email protected]

Lyft https://tinyurl.com/LyftLICP
Skip https://tinyurl.com/SkipLICP
Spin https://tinyurl.com/SpinLICP

*Lime also requires submission of an ID such as a driver’s license.

If you have any questions about the dockless vehicle program or want to share your experience in signing up, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected].