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District Department of Transportation

Shared Fleet Device Program

Since 2018 DDOT has permitted private companies to operate shared micromobility vehicles in public space through the Shared Fleet Device program. In 2023 DDOT issued permits to four companies to operate Shared Fleet Devices in public space: Lime, Lyft, Spin, and Veo. All four of these companies operate shared scooters. Lime, Spin, and Veo also have permits to operate shared dockless e-bikes. The regulations governing the Shared Fleet Device program are here: Shared Fleet Device Final Rulemaking publication

The goal of the Shared Fleet Device Program is to allow private companies to offer District residents a safe, sustainable, and equitable transportation option. DDOT works with permitted operators to ensure that Shard Fleet Devices are distributed fairly across all 8 Wards, deployed safely, and used appropriately by riders. Companies without a Shared Fleet Device Permit may not deploy scooters, dockless bikes, or other shared micromobility vehicles for rental in public space.

The Shared Fleet Device program is separate from the Capital Bikeshare program, which is a program managed by DDOT which offers publicly owned shared dockable bikes.

Program data, including number of Shared Fleet Devices, miles traveled, and more, is available here: 

2023-2024  Permits for Shared Fleet Devices

The following companies have been permitted to operate Shared Fleet Devices from January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2024. 

Company Contact Information
(3,600 scooters & 3,025 e-bikes) 

1 (888) 546-3345  

[email protected]

(2,500 scooters) 


(2,500 scooters & 720 e-bikes)


[email protected]   


(720 scooters & 1,770 e-bikes) 

855-836- 2256 
[email protected] 

Reporting Issues with Shared Fleet Devices

District residents are encouraged to report issues with Shared Fleet Devices, including incorrectly parked vehicles. Issues may be reported to the District via 311 dockless vehicle complaint or to the operator using the channels above. When reporting a shared fleet device issue, please provide the unique device ID number located on the downtube of the device.  

The requirements of a Shared Fleet Device Permit are available below in the Permit Operator Agreement. 

Applications  for new operators  are currently closed.   

If you would like to be notified of upcoming permit applications, please email [email protected]. Updates will also be posted on this website.  

Do you have any questions that are not answered on this page? Please email [email protected]. 

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