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District Department of Transportation

H Street NE Bus Priority Project

Project Overview

DDOT is launching the H Street NE Bus Priority Project from North Capitol Street to Benning Road NE. The project aims to improve bus operations and safety along the H Street NE corridor. This project's scope will allow for connection to the H St NW Bus Priority Project.

The H St NE corridor is a vibrant commercial destination and a major East-West connection, linking residents in nearby neighborhoods to Union Station and H Street NE businesses. Several Metrobus lines run along the corridor and the DC streetcar. However, transit riders on the corridor face slow travel times and reliability issues. H St NE has also seen several serious crashes in recent years.

DDOT will work closely with the community to identify improvements to transit and safety along the corridor. Help us plan the corridor's future by completing the bus priority feedback form, leaving us a voicemail at 202.671.2376, or emailing us at [email protected].