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Traffic Safety Investigation Service Request

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The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is committed to improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods and addressing traffic-related safety issues throughout the city. In this effort, DDOT updated the traffic safety investigation and assessment guidelines to incorporate a greater range of remedies for cut-throughs and speeding traffic. DDOT’s transportation audits use a variety of methods to improve safety, including traffic control devices, designs, traffic calming measures, education, and enforcement.

Traffic Calming and System Management refers to a balanced operation of the District’s street system, which fosters fluid, safe, and managed the movement of traffic flows on the network. In particular, this means developing ways to tame traffic and protect neighborhood quality of life while also maintaining operational efficiency for all modes. Generally, traffic calming is required when you are concerned with speed and volume on your streets. This will require an assessment to be done by DDOT's traffic safety team. Any other request should be directed to 311.

DDOT Offers Several Services aimed at Traffic Calming and System Management:

Responsive Services

  • Traffic Safety Investigation Service Request Assessment Petition is an evaluation conducted by DDOT that responds directly to targeted citizen concerns regarding traffic speed, volume, and type, as well as behavior such as aggressive driving. Either a Traffic Assessment Service Request or Traffic Safety Investigation Service Request is intended to evaluate a focused area with the whole traffic calming toolkit in mind.
  • To request a Traffic Safety Investigation Service Request, please submit a DDOT Traffic Safety Investigation Service Request - Application Petition. Instructions are included in the application. A petition is not required.
  • To request a Traffic Calming Assessment Service Request, please use the DDOT Traffic Calming Investigation form. A petition is required. 
  • The DDOT Traffic Calming Assessment - Process Diagram illustrates the steps.

Planning Services

  • DDOT is developing a citywide Traffic Calming Framework Plan for the District. The plan will create a comprehensive yet flexible policy framework for Traffic Calming efforts throughout the District.
  • DDOT will also conduct a series of multi-neighborhood Livability Program Studies over the next several years. Upon completion, every part of the District will have focused, tangible recommendations for more effective traffic calming and system management measures.

Traffic Calming 101

To learn more about some of the Traffic Calming options used around the world, review DDOT's Traffic Calming 101.

Service Need

To provide the most effective traffic calming solutions to address safety concerns in District neighborhoods.

Service at a Glance

Provided By: DDOT
(202) 673-6813
Location: 55 M Street SE, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20003

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