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District Department of Transportation

Mayor Bowser Approves Update to moveDC, the District’s Long Range Transportation Plan

Friday, January 14, 2022

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Mayor Bowser Approves Update to moveDC, the District’s Long Range Transportation Plan

moveDC 2021 focuses on equity and safety in its 25-year vision for the District’s multimodal transportation system

(Washington, DC) — Today, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced the approval of moveDC 2021, the goals-based strategic plan that establishes the 25-year vision for the District’s multimodal transportation system. The updated plan incorporates priorities captured from extensive community engagement with residents across all of the District’s eight wards.

“moveDC 2021 greatly increases accountability and demonstrates our commitment to transportation equity throughout the District,” said DDOT Director Everett Lott. “It’s a promise to ourselves and the public that we will continue strengthening our multimodal transportation system to ensure our residents have access to a variety of sustainable, reliable, and safe transportation options, regardless of where they live in the District.”

moveDC 2021 is based on the following seven goals that will drive DDOT’s efforts:

  1. Safety: Designing and managing a transportation network that offers safe and secure travel choices for all users, in accordance with Mayor Bowser’s Vision Zero initiatives.
  2. Equity: Advancing transportation equity by evaluating its policies, planning, community engagement, and project delivery to ensure public investments in transportation justly benefit all residents, visitors, and commuters.
  3. Mobility: Increasing system reliability, improving accessibility and managing congestion through coordination, communications, and mobility options, providing safe and affordable travel choices for all users and trips.
  4. Project Delivery: Completing projects on time and on budget while engaging and communicating with the community.
  5. Management and Operations (State of Good Repair): Ensuring the state of good repair for existing assets by investing in maintenance and operations to address the greatest mobility needs.
  6. Sustainability: Managing and promoting a transportation network that supports economic vitality and opportunity, reduces emissions, and strengthens resilience in the face of climate change, especially in historically under-resourced neighborhoods that may experience greater impacts.
  7. Enjoyable Spaces: Ensuring that public spaces and transportation systems managed by DDOT will be accessible, safe, and welcoming to residents, visitors, and commuters.

Each strategy is supported by internal focuses, such as improved processes and data visualization, as well as infrastructure commitments such as building 25 miles of bus lanes in the next five years and building 10 miles of bike lanes every year over the next 5 years. The updated plan serves as a strategic guide for DDOT and as a public resource informing how and why decisions are made about the District’s transportation system.

The updated plan includes a series of maps demonstrating various aspects of travel across the District. Most popular are average travel time by ward, access to jobs and destinations, and cyclist comfort level. These maps help project managers understand where to prioritize investment by having a visual representation of areas of opportunity. These maps will continue to be updated throughout the duration of the plan. 

Also built upon moveDC is DDOT’s recently released Bus Priority Plan, which outlines a pipeline of 51 projects for the District’s transit riders. moveDC and all its components are fully accessible on the moveDC website, a comprehensive resource allowing the public full transparency of the changes being implemented as well as a complete picture of the unique transportation needs of the District.

moveDC was originally developed in 2015 and this is DDOT’s first update to the strategic plan. To learn more about moveDC, please visit


The District Department of Transportation's mission is to equitably deliver a safe, sustainable, and reliable multimodal transportation network for all residents and visitors of the District of Columbia.  

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