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District Department of Transportation

Bicycles and Pedestrians

DDOT offers a variety of resources that support bicyclists and pedestrians.

Bicycles and Pedestrians - bike-ped safetly logoBicycle and Pedestrian Safety

Addressing common concerns about DDOT's efforts to promote bicycle and pedestrian safety.

Bike Lanes - bike lane symbol painted on asphalt streetBicycle Lanes

DDOT has more than 50 miles of bicycle lanes and plans to install more.

Bicycle Laws - wooden gavel and round sounderBicycle Laws

The DC Council has enacted several laws regarding bicycling. There are also specific bicycle regulations in the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR), and 2006 (revisions).

DC Bike map LogoBicycle Maps

The DC Bicycle Map has been updated to include Capital Bikeshare stations, new bike lanes and safety information.

Bicycle Parking - parkstation programBicycle Parking

DDOT has a progressive Bicycle Program with some of the most innovative initiatives in the nation, including the first self-service bike parking program and the bike station at Union Station.

Bicycle Program - parent riding a bike walkingalongside a child riding a training-bikeBicycle Program

DDOT has a well established and successful Bicycle program, which is committed to providing safe and convenient bicycle access throughout the city.

BikeBrand Your Biz - BikeBranded stand with bike chained to it outside of coffee shopBikeBrand Your Biz

goDCgo, DDOT’s sustainable transportation program, offers free consultations and other services to organizations and businesses throughout the District to promote the use of alternatives to driving alone.

Capital Bikeshare - capital bikeshare log on bike frame of bike parked on a DC streetCapital Bikeshare

DDOT’s bikesharing program has 218 stations throughout the city with about 2,000 bikes, as of 2016. The program, in partnership with Arlington County, Montgomery County, and Alexandria County is called Capital Bikeshare.

Pedestrian Program - people using a crosswalk in DCPedestrian Program

DDOT strives to improve the safety and accessibility for all pedestrians throughout the city through comprehensive approaches, recommendations, policy changes, and national best practices. As of 2015, the District became a Vision Zero city, which states that by 2024, DC will reach zero fatalities and serious injuries to travelers of its transportation system. Read about the Barnes Dance or "pedestrian scramble" intersections.

Safe Routes to School coverSafe Routes to School Program

This program seeks to improve safety for students who walk and bicycle to school and encourages and their parents to walk and bicycle to school.

Safety Matters Projects - yellow hazzard sign stating "safety matters"Safety Matters

Addressing common concerns about DDOT's efforts to promote bicycle and pedestrian safety.

Trails Program - Metropolitan Branch TrailTrails Program

DDOT is committed to providing safe and convenient bicycle and pedestrian access throughout the city through the creation of a network of interconnected trails.