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District Department of Transportation

8th St NE Traffic Safety Improvements & Protected Bikeway

Mayor Muriel Bowser is working to make streets safer across the District, and the 8th Street NE Traffic Safety Improvements & Protected Bikeway Project is an important piece of that commitment.

Project Background 

Between Franklin Street NE and Monroe Street NE, 8th Street NE connects the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) for pedestrians and bicyclists. Residents and trail users have asked DDOT to provide a dedicated space for bicyclists along the corridor.

The Metropolitan Branch Trail currently goes from Union Station to Fort Totten. When complete, the trail will be 8 miles going from Union Station to Silver Spring, MD. The trail sees over 3,000 bicyclists and pedestrians per day during peak use. On 8th Street NE, there is a relatively high share of heavy vehicles due to the light-industrial land use along the corridor. Overall, the traffic volumes are relatively low as 8th Street NE does not connect beyond Monroe and Franklin. Bicyclist traffic in the corridor makes up a relatively high share of road users, particularly during peak hours.

In 2019, DDOT Safe Routes to School conducted a traffic safety study that recommended safety improvements regarding school pick-up and drop-off in the area. In 2020, DDOT completed a traffic analysis of the one-way traffic conversion extending along 8th Street to Monroe Street NE and recommended a protected bike lane on the west side of 8th Street NE. DDOT presented the results of the traffic analysis and bike lane recommendation to ANC5E in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Project Summary 

DDOT is proposing to make changes to Edgewood Street and 8th Street NE to reduce conflicts between bicyclists, trucks, vehicles, and pedestrians. The project would convert Edgewood Street and 8th Street NE to a one-way traffic flow between 7th Street NE and Lawrence Street NE. Two-way motor vehicle traffic will remain between Lawrence Street NE and Monroe Street NE. DDOT will also install a two-way protected bike lane along 8th St NE between Franklin Street and Monroe Street NE. Expected to open in the Summer of 2023, the new bike lane will close a gap in the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT), improve safety on 8th Street NE for all road users, and improve traffic flow on Edgewood Street NE at drop-off and pick-up times for two nearby schools. DDOT has conducted traffic analysis and presented several design concepts to community stakeholders, finding that a two-way protected bike lane will provide the greatest benefit while maintaining 46 of the 137 parking spaces along Edgewood Street and 8th Street NE.

Project Area Map