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Intersections with Dual Turn Lanes

Following is the list of 36 intersections with dual turn lanes. DDOT has developed a plan to improve these intersections with dual turn lanes that pose “multiple threat” risks, particularly to pedestrians.

Intersections with dual or double turn lanes have multiple conflict points between motorists and pedestrians and have shown to result in an increased frequency of crashes.

Completed deconflicting of double turn lanes:

1. 3rd Street & Independence Avenue SW

2. 3rd Street & Maryland Avenue SW

3. 4th Street & Massachusetts Avenue NW

4. 11th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW


Deconflicting of double turn lanes to be completed:

1. 20th Street NW & E Street NW

2. 15th Street NW & Pennsylvania Avenue NW

3. 14th Street SW & C Street SW

4. 13th Street & Massachusetts Avenue NW

5. 26th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue NW

6. 17th St & New York Avenue/State Place NW

7. New Jersey Avenue & Massachusetts Avenue NW

8. 6th Street & Rhode Island Avenue NW

9. 17th Street NW & I (Eye) Street NW

10. 17th Street NW & L Street NW

11. 18th Street & E Street NW

12. Pennsylvania Avenue NW & 13th Street NW

13. 17th Street NW & Constitution Avenue NW

14. 17th Street NW & E Street NW

15. ML King Avenue SE & W Street SE

16. 19th Street SE & Independence Avenue SE

17. 10th Street SW & Maryland Avenue SW/D Street SW

18. Bladensburg Road NE & Mt Olivet Road NE/Entrance

19. Randle Circle & Minnesota Avenue SE

20. 17th Street NW & Pennsylvania Avenue NW

21. 17th Street NW & Pennsylvania Avenue NW

22. 17th Street NW & H Street NW

23. 20th Street NW & E Street NW

24. Parking Lot/33rd Place NE & South Dakota Avenue

25. 9th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue NW

26. 12th Street SW & Independence Avenue SW

27. 12th Street SW & Independence Avenue SW

28. ML King Avenue SE/11th Bridge & Good Hope Road SE

29. N Capitol Street & M Street & SB Ramp from New York Avenue to N Capitol Street & Ramp from NB

30. Kenilworth Avenue NE & Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE

31. Kenilworth Avenue NE & Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE

32. South Capitol Street & Potomac Avenue SW/ Potomac Avenue SE

33. Bladensburg Road & New York Avenue NE

34. Bladensburg Road & New York Avenue NE

35. 10th Street NW & K Street NW

36. South Capitol Street & Malcolm X Avenue SW