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For Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners

If you are an elected member of the District's Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs), this page contains information that is relevant to you and members of your Single Member District. 

As a service agency, one of the priorities of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is to ensure that residents can easily interact with the agency. In 2017, DDOT took many steps to enhance community engagement, including establishing the Office of External Affairs. This office is responsible for managing and coordinating DDOT’s policy and legislative agenda, public information, and community engagement activities.

Under the Chief of External Affairs, DDOT continues to grow the community engagement team to help residents navigate DDOT, and find solutions to their transportation-related issues.

The Office of External Affairs comprises the following three divisions. 

Community Engagement Division
Coordinates, assesses and addresses community and ANC requests, informing ANCs and communities on the status of DDOT projects and service requests, and identifying strategic and routine actions to build community support for the District's transportation infrastructure projects and program initiatives. The head of this division is Lee Goodall. Please reach out to him with any constituent-based concerns at [email protected]

Public Information Division
Represents and promotes the agency and its administration, employees, programs, and policies to a variety of internal and external constituents. The division provides strategic communications advice, media relations and social media efforts, strategic web communications and event planning services on behalf of DDOT, its employees, administrators, programs and staff; and coordinates activities to promote DC officials and expertise to internal and external constituencies. The head of this division is Terry Owens. Please reach out to him with media requests at [email protected]

Policy and Legislative Affairs Division
Manages the development and analysis of transportation policy at the local, regional, and federal levels and the legislative and government affairs strategy for the District’s transportation agenda. The head of this division is Dan Emerine. Please reach out to him with any questions pertaining to transportation policy and regulations at [email protected]

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