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District Department of Transportation

Clear Lanes Program

The Clear Lanes Project is a joint initiative between Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) and DDOT that aims to improve bus travel times and enhance bus stop safety by using camera technology to identify illegally parked and stopped vehicles in dedicated bus lanes and bus zones. 

Program Details: 

Metro will mount automated cameras on buses serving select routes in DC. These cameras automatically take photos of violating vehicles and send information directly to DDOT for enforcement. Metro anticipates that the Clear Lanes project will be ready to roll out in Fall 2023, with a 45-day warning period beginning July 24, 2023

Bus Lanes

Bus lanes are roadways designated for the use of public transit buses, typically marked by red paint and signage. Many bus lanes are active only at certain times of the day, as indicated by signage. 

Unauthorized vehicles should not:

  • Enter bus lanes except to enter a legal parking space or turn within 40 feet of an intersection or driveway, as typically marked by signage or dashed red road markings; and
  • Stop, stand, or park in a bus lane.

Authorized vehicles include the following:

  • Public transit buses, tour buses, school buses, and streetcars;
  • Bikes, e-bikes, and scooters;
  • Maintenance vehicles (DC or WMATA vehicles that are actively making repairs);
  • Emergency vehicles (while responding to an emergency); and
  • Accessible transportation service vehicles (wheelchair-accessible vehicles registered with a government agency or with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission that are actively transporting someone with a disability)

A driver found to be in violation of bus lane restrictions is subject to a $200 fine.

Bus Zones

Bus zones are areas along the curb within 80 feet of the approach side and 20 feet of the departure side of a bus stop flag, unless otherwise signed. Unauthorized vehicles should not stop, stand, or park in a bus zone except to avoid conflict with other traffic.

Authorized vehicles include the following:

  • public transit buses and school buses; and
  • maintenance vehicles (DC or WMATA vehicles that are actively making repairs).

A driver found to be in violation of bus zone restrictions is subject to a $100 fine.

Interactive Dedicated Bus Lane Map 

The map below shows the Metrobus routes (in blue) that are equipped with cameras and will be capturing violations in bus stop zones along the route, as well as bus lanes (show in red).


For more information about bus lane and bus zone enforcement visit DDOT's FAQ website.

For more information about DDOT's Bus Priority Projects visit