District Department of Transportation

DDOT Deploying Automated Traffic Enforcement Cameras to New Locations

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Today, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced the planned deployment of automated traffic enforcement cameras to new locations throughout the District. The camera locations are traffic sites where data analysis has identified speeding and stop sign running as safety issues.

Once Photo Enforced signs are installed in the direction of travel within at least 100 to 150 feet of the approach of the location, a 30-day educational phase will start for each camera deployment. During this period, violators will receive warning citations. After the 30-day warning period, DDOT will begin issuing notices of infraction with fines that will range from $100 to $500 based on excess of the speed limit to violators.

The new photo enforcement locations and timelines are as follows:

Location Type of Camera Deployment timeline
1700 block N Capitol St NE n/b Speed December 15
3400 block MLK Jr. Ave SE sw/b Speed December 15
3400 block Wheeler Road s/b Speed December 15
4000 block Wheeler Road n/b Speed December 15
Malcolm X Ave e/b @ Oakwood St SE Speed January
1500 block Rhode Island Avenue NE sw/b Speed January
4400 block MLK Jr Ave SW s/b Speed January
1300 block Eastern Ave NE nw/b Speed January
3100 block S Dakota Ave NE se/b Speed January
3700 block S Dakota Ave NE se/b Speed February
4800 block S Dakota Ave NE nw/b Speed February
4900 block 16th St NW N/B Speed February
1500 block Gallatin Street NE nw/b Speed February
4700 block Reservoir Road NW se/b Speed February
2200 block Franklin Street NE w/b Speed April
Fessenden St e/b @ 44th St NW Stop Sign December 15
Blagden Ave ne/b @ Allison St NW Stop Sign December 15

DDOT encourages drivers to register for the District's Ticket Alert Service (TAS). To learn more about TAS, visit: dmv.dc.gov/service/registration-ticket-alert-service-tas.For more information about automated camera safety enforcement locations, please visit ddot.dc.gov/page/dc-streetsafe-automated-traffic-enforcement.


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