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Work Between Saturday, January 16 and Saturday, January 30, 2021

Mayor Bowser is committed to eliminating all roadways, alleys, and sidewalks in poor condition in Washington, DC by 2024 through the PaveDC initiative. This publication lists all of the road, alley, and sidewalk paving projects that will be under construction during the next two weeks. The 2020 Paving Plan is now live on the PaveDC website and includes a new tab for sidewalks scheduled for repair, in the coming weeks DDOT will also post the markings plan for the 2020 season.For more information about these projects, please visit DDOT's interactive tool, PaveDC.

Please note: Work may be adjusted depending on weather and other conditions. Additional projects may be added to this list. DDOT contacts residents and businesses within the work zones before work begins. Unless otherwise noted, work is not conducted on weekends.

Citywide Pavement Restoration Projects

As part of DDOT's commitment to improving and restoring local roadways, activities will be conducted at the following locations throughout the following two weeks, weather permitting:

Ward 2

  • New York Avenue NW, between 4th Street NW and 7th Street NW

Ward 8

  • Atlantic Street SE, between 4th Street SE and Barnaby Street SE
  • 3rd Street SE, between Livingston Terrace SE and Livingston Road SE
  • R Street SE, between 21st Place SE and 23rd Street SE

Citywide Sidewalk Restoration Projects 

As part of DDOT's commitment to the improvement and restoration of local sidewalks, construction activities will occur at the following locations throughout the next two weeks.

Ward 1

  • Ogden Street NW, between Oak Street NW and Hertford Place NW

Ward 2

  • P Street NW, between 17th Street NW and 18th Street NW
  • N Street NW, between Wisconsin Avenue NW and 31st Street NW

Ward 3

  • Edmunds Street NW, between 36th Place NW and Wisconsin Avenue NW
  • Fulton Street NW, between 39th Street NW and Wisconsin Avenue NW

Ward 4

  • 31st Street NW, between Military Road NW and Legation Street NW

Ward 5

  • Staples Street NE, between Neal Street NE and Oates Street NE
  • 33rd Street NE, between South Dakota Avenue NE and Ames Place NE
  • 16th Place NE, between Franklin Street NE and Rhode Island Avenue NE
  • Neal Street NE, between Orren Street NE and Holbrook Street NE
  • 10th Street NE, between Rhode Island Avenue NE and Douglas Street NE
  • Corcoran Street NE, between West Virginia Avenue NE and Mount Olivet Road NE

Ward 7

  • H Street SE, between 51st Street SE and Southern Avenue SE
  • Burns Street SE, between Texas Avenue SE and Dead End
  • 54th Place NE, between Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE and 55th Street NE

Citywide Alley Restoration Projects

DDOT is improving alleys across the city. Once work begins, access to parts of the alley under construction will be closed, and parking is restricted. In emergency situations, access may be permitted by notifying DDOT. Work is estimated to take about two weeks, weather permitting. 

Ward 4

  • Square 2920, bound by Buchanan Street NW, Georgia Avenue NW, Crittenden Street NW and Iowa Avenue NW
  • Square 3339, bound by South Dakota Avenue NW, Rittenhouse Street NW, Quackenbos Street NW, 2nd Street NW and 3rd Street NW
  • Square 2732, bound by Whittier Street NW, Van Buren Street NW, 16th Street NW and 14th Street NW
  • Square 2702, bound by 15th Street NW, Buchanan Street NW, Allison Street NW and 16th Street NW
  • Square 2969, bound by Arkansas Avenue NW, Taylor Street NW, Upshur Street NW and 14th Street NW
  • Square 2823, bound by Shepherd Street NW, 14th Street NW, Taylor Street NW and 13th Street NW
  • Square 2647, bound by 18th Street NW, Webster Street NW, Varnum Street NW and 17th Street NW
  • Square 2720, bound by Kennedy Street NW, Longfellow Street NW, 16th Street NW and 14th Street NW

If you live near any of the project areas, please remove your vehicles by the posted times, and encourage your neighbors to do the same.