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Work Between Saturday, October 17 and Saturday, October 31, 2020

Mayor Bowser is committed to eliminating all roadways, alleys, and sidewalks in poor condition in Washington, DC by 2024 through the PaveDC initiative. This publication lists all of the road, alley, and sidewalk paving projects that will be under construction during the next two weeks. The 2020 Paving Plan is now live on the PaveDC website and includes a new tab for sidewalks scheduled for repair, in the coming weeks DDOT will also post the markings plan for the 2020 season.For more information about these projects, please visit DDOT's interactive tool, PaveDC.

Please note: Work may be adjusted depending on weather and other conditions. Additional projects may be added to this list. DDOT contacts residents and businesses within the work zones before work begins. Unless otherwise noted, work is not conducted on weekends.

Citywide Pavement Restoration Projects

As part of DDOT's commitment to improving and restoring local roadways, activities will be conducted at the following locations throughout the following two weeks, weather permitting:

Ward 2

  • 14th Street NW, between Thomas Circle NW and New York Avenue NW
  • Interstate 395 (Southbound)

Ward 4

  • Madison Street NW, between Shepherd Road NW and 8th Street NW
  • Van Buren Street NW, between 7th Place NW and 8th Street NW
  • 8th Street NW, between Webster Street NW and Allison Street NW
  • 4th Street NW, between Van Buren Street NW and Whittier Street NW

Ward 5

  • Exit Ramp, between New York Avenue NE and South Dakota Avenue NE
  • Upshur Street NE, between 13th Street NE and 13th Place NE
  • Varnum Street NE, between 19th Place NE and Eastern Avenue NE
  • Kearny Street NE, between 20th Street NE and 22nd Street NE
  • 24th Street NE, between S Street NE and T Street NE
  • S Street NE, between Bladensburg Road NE and 22nd Street NE
  • Lawrence Street NE, between 15th Street NE and 16th Street NE
  • Newton Street NE, between 24th Street NE and 26th Street NE
  • Perry Street NE, between 25th Place NE and 26th Street NE
  • Quincy Street NE, between 20th Street NE and 22nd Street NE
  • Jefferson Street NE, between Jamaica Street NE and Chillum Place NE
  • Elm Street NE, between Walnut Street NE and Chestnut Street NE
  • Channing Street NE, between Queens Chapel Road NE and 22nd Street NE
  • Hamlin Street NE, between 18th Street NE and Queens Chapel Road NE

Ward 6

  • 13th Street NE, between Maryland Avenue NE and F Street NE
  • 15th Street NE, between East Capitol Street and A Street NE
  • 15th Street NE, between Tennessee Avenue NE and G Street NE
  • Barney Circle SE, between Pennsylvania Avenue SE and 17th Street SE

Citywide Sidewalk Restoration Projects

As part of DDOT's commitment to the improvement and restoration of local sidewalks, construction activities will occur at the following locations throughout the next two weeks.


Ward 2

  • 29th Street NW, between O Street NW and Q Street NW
  • 28th Street NW, between P Street NW and Q Street NW
  • 32nd Street NW, between R Street NW and Reservoir Road NW

Ward 4

  • 4th Street NW, between Emerson Street NW and Delafield Place NW
  • Emerson Street NW, between 4th Street NW and 5th Street NW
  • 9th Street NW, between Allison Street NW and Buchanan Street NW

Ward 5

  • 12th Street NE, between Hamilton Street NE and Galloway Street NE
  • 33rd Place NE, between South Dakota Avenue NE and Fort Lincoln Drive NE
  • Bladensburg Road NE, between Oates Street NE and Morse Street NE

Ward 6

  • 5th Street NW, between Rhode Island Avenue NW and Florida Avenue NW

Ward 7

  • Terrace Road SE, between 31st Street SE and Gainesville Street SE
  • Minnesota Avenue SE, between Randle Circle SE and Pennsylvania Avenue SE

Ward 8

  • Savannah Street SE, between 22nd Street SE and 25th Street SE


Citywide Alley Restoration Projects

DDOT is improving alleys across the city. Once work begins, access to parts of the alley under construction will be closed, and parking is restricted. In emergency situations, access may be permitted by notifying DDOT. Work is estimated to take about two weeks, weather permitting. DDOT will be working in the following alleys this week:

Ward 5

  • Square 3102, bound by Randolph Place NW, R Street NW, North Capitol Street and 1st Street NW

If you live near any of the project areas, please remove your vehicles by the posted times, and encourage your neighbors to do the same.