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District Department of Transportation

DC Automated Bicycle and Pedestrian Counters

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) maintains a system of automated counters to measure the number of people walking and biking. DDOT began installing these counters in 2014, and now has 18 in operation. Counters have been installed in both bicycle lanes and trails. One location counts only pedestrians; 10 locations count only bikes; and 7 locations count people biking and walking. DDOT monitors the continuous data stream to analyze trends in walking and biking, assess the value of its facility investments, and apply this data to plan for new bike lanes and trails.


DDOT has created a dashboard where you may view the count data. The counters wirelessly transmit their data daily through an application programming interface (API) which will allows users to view this information as it is received. To view this data, please see the Dashboard below.

List and Map of Locations

There are currently 18 automated counter locations:

Bicycle-only Counters 

  • 1st St NE, Between Massachusetts Ave and G St; Installed 7/27/18
  • 11th St NW, Southbound only between H & I Streets; Installed 12/5/16
  • 14th St NW, Southbound only between Missouri Ave and Peabody St; Installed 10/19/16
  • 15th St NW, Between N St and Rhode Island Ave; Installed 10/23/14
  • Columbia Rd NW, Westbound only, between 16th St and Mozart Pl; Installed 1/24/16
  • East Capitol St, Eastbound only, between 5th and 6th Streets; Installed 10/3/16
  • Eye St SW, Eastbound only, between 3rd St and Wesley Pl; Installed 9/26/14
  • Maine Ave SW; 7th St south cycle track; Installed 10/6/17
  • Metropolitan Branch Trail, North of Rhode Island Avenue bike/ped bridge; Installed 9/28/14
  • R St NW, Between Vermont and 13th; Installed 10/3/16

Pedestrian-only Counter

  • 2nd St NE, South of H St Bridge (west sidewalk/trail); Installed 1/8/15

Bike and Pedestrian Counters

  • Anacostia River Trail – Benning Counter, nearest Benning Road Trash Transfer Facility; Installed 3/1/18
  • Anacostia River Trail – 11th St, Northeast of Good Hope Rd; Installed 7/2/18
  • Anacostia River Trail – Deane Ave, ART Counter near the intersection of Deane Ave NE; Installed 3/1/18
  • Anacostia River Trail – Kenilworth Park, ART Counter near the turn toward Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens; Installed 3/1/18
  • Anacostia River Trail – River Terrace, South of Benning Rd; Installed 2/20/18
  • Key Bridge (east), East sidewalk, downstream on Arlington side of Potomac River; Installed 8/11/2011
  • Key Bridge (west), West sidewalk, upstream on Arlington side of Potomac River; Installed 8/11/2011