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Work Between Friday, January 5, and Friday, January 19, 2024

The 2023 Paving Plan is published on the PaveDC website at the start of the construction season. The website also includes separate tabs for sidewalks scheduled for repair and the Alley Restoration Plan for Fiscal Year 2023. For more information about these projects, please visit DDOT's interactive tool, PaveDC.

Please note: Work may be adjusted depending on weather and other conditions. Additional projects may be added to this list. DDOT contacts residents and businesses within the work zones before work begins. Unless otherwise noted, work is not conducted on weekends.

Citywide Pavement Restoration Projects

As part of DDOT's commitment to improving and restoring local roadways, activities will be conducted at the following locations throughout the following two weeks, weather permitting:

Ward 2

  • 14th Street NW between New York Avenue NW and Pennsylvania Avenue NW
  • Connecticut Avenue NW between L Street NW and Q Street NW
  • Massachusetts Avenue NW between I (Eye) Street NW and 6th Street NW

Ward 3

  • Wisconsin Avenue NW between Rodman Street NW and Idaho Avenue NW
  • Wisconsin Avenue NW between Upton Street NW and Warren Street NW
  • Canal Road NW between Chain Bridge Road NW to Fox Hall Road NW

Ward 5

  • North Capitol Street NE/NW between New York Avenue and Rhode Island Avenue
  • Rhode Island Avenue NE between North Capitol Street NE and 4th Street NE

Ward 6

  • Independence Avenue SE between 13th Street SE and 14th Street SE
  • Pennsylvania Avenue SE between 3rd Street SE and 7th Street SE
  • Pennsylvania Avenue SE between 9th Street SE and 10th Street SE

Citywide Sidewalk Restoration Projects 

As part of DDOT's commitment to improving and restoring local sidewalks, construction activities will occur at the following locations throughout the next two weeks.

Ward 1

  • 20th Street NW between Wyoming Avenue NW and Kalorama Road NW
  • Adams Mill Road NW between Clydesdale Place NW and Ontario Road NW
  • Kilbourne Place NW between 17th Street NW and 18th Street NW
  • Mozart Place NW between Euclid Street NW and Fuller Street NW

Ward 3

  • 48th Street NW between W Street NW and Ashby Street NW

Ward 5

  • 18th Street NE between Bucker Hill Road NE and Michigan Avenue NE
  • Bucker Hill Road NE between 18th Street NE and Michigan Avenue NE
  • Congress Street NE between L Street NE and Dead-End
  • East Capitol Street NE between 4th Street NE and 6th Street NE
  • M Street NE between 21st Place NE and Maryland Avenue NE
  • Maryland Avenue NE between M Street NE and Alley Entrance
  • South Carolina Ave SE between Kentucky Avenue SE and 14th Street SE
  • Taylor Street NE between 14th Street NE and 18th Street NE
  • Varnum Street NE between 12th Place NE and Sargent Road NE

Ward 6

  • 11th Street NE between K Street NE and Florida Avenue NE
  • 5th Street NE between A Street NE and Constitution Avenue NE
  • 5th Street SE between Seward Street SE and D Street SE
  • F Street NE between 3rd Street NE and 4th Street NE
  • North Carolina Avenue SE between 8th Street SE and 9th Street SE

Ward 7

  • Anacostia Avenue NE between Benning Road NE and Dix Street NE

Ward 8

  • 13th Street SE between Valley Street SE and Varnie Street SE

Citywide Alley Restoration Projects

DDOT is improving alleys across the city. Once work begins, access to parts of the alley under construction will be closed, and parking will be restricted. In emergencies, access may be permitted by notifying DDOT. Work is estimated to take about two weeks, weather permitting.

No Schedule

Citywide Guardrails and Impact Attenuators Upgrade and Repair

Ward 2

  • 1111 34th Street NW
  • Massachusetts Avenue WB at West of 13th St NW

Ward 3

  • Dalecarlia Parkway NB at South of Warren Place NW

Ward 5

  • New York Avenue EB at East of Bladensburg Road NE

Ward 6

  • 14th Street NB at the ramp and EB Maine Avenue SW

Ward 7

  • Anacostia Freeway NB between East Capitol Street and Benning Road NE
  • Anacostia Freeway NB on-ramp to WB Pennsylvania Avenue Left SE

Ward 8

  • Anacostia Freeway NB at exit ramp EB Pennsylvania Avenue Right SE
  • South Capitol Street NB at Overpass I-295 SW
  • Southeast Freeway EB at Exit ramp to M Street SE

Citywide Highway Structure Repair Projects

As part of DDOT's commitment to improving and restoring Highway Structures, Preventive maintenance for bridges and other Highway-related structures will occur at the following locations throughout the next two weeks.

Ward 2

  • 14th Street over I-395
  • Whitehurst Freeway over K Street NW

Ward 6

  • 9th Street under D Street SW
  • D Street over 9th Street Express Way SW
  • SW Freeway over Washington Channel

Ward 7

  • 11th Street over Anacostia River and I-295
  • New Jersey Avenue SE over CSX
  • Southern Avenue SE over Suitland Parkway

If you live near any project areas, please remove your vehicles by the posted times and encourage your neighbors to do the same.