District Department of Transportation

Matthew Marcou

Matthew Marcou
Associate Director for Public Space Regulation Administration

Matthew Marcou is DDOT’s Associate Director for the Public Space Regulations Division (PSRD). Mr. Marcou has been a senior leader of PSRD since July 2011, serving as the Deputy Associate Director from then until February 2016 when he was promoted to his current position.

In these positions Mr. Marcou has overseen the implementation of several enhancements and programs that have improved the efficiency of the public space permitting and inspections processes and the safety of temporary traffic control. The improvements included the switch to a fully paperless permitting process, the deployment of an automated NOV system and its integration into the Transportation Online Permit System (TOPS), DDOT's online permit system. He managed the development and roll out of training on TOPS and public space laws and regulations in the District of Columbia for DDOT employees, sister government agencies and other stakeholders. In 2016 he led the process to develop more than 17 traffic control plans for the implementation of the Safe Accommodations regulations. He has chaired the Public Space Committee since July 2011.

Mr. Marcou has held a variety of positions at DDOT since he joined the department in July, 2004. He has been a program analyst, a front-line supervisor in the permit office and the Public Space Manager.

Mr. Marcou is a native Washingtonian and has lived in downtown DC for the past quarter-century.