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District Department of Transportation


The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is committed to providing environmentally sustainable transportation solutions. DDOT continues to practice and promote environmental excellence as it fulfills its mission to enhance the quality of life for the District of Columbia residents and visitors by ensuring that people, goods and information move efficiently and safely, with minimal adverse impacts on residents and the environment.

Clean Air Partners (CAP) IconClean Air Partners

DDOT is a voting member of the Clean Air Partners, which is a partnership established by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government.

Policy and Planning imageDDOT Environmental Policy and Process Manual

A comprehensive document that addresses environmental issues as they relate to DDOT projects.

Energy Savings Initiatives - seedling growing out of power strip outletEnergy Savings Initiatives

DDOT is committed to achieving an exceptional quality of life in the nation’s capital through sustainable travel practices, improved air and water quality, safer streets and outstanding access to goods/services.

Environmental Management System (EMS) IconEnvironmental Management System

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a management system that focuses on incorporating environmental considerations in business practices.

Green Infrastructure

Comprehensive information on the District’s new Green Infrastructure standards that include Low Impact Development techniques to capture and treat stormwater as close to the source as possible.

Green Alley Projects - alley sceneGreen Alley Projects

The District’s Green Alley Projects are designed to reduce the quantity and improve the quality of stormwater within the city’s right-of-way (ROW).

Sustainability Plan - burlap with green stenciled sustainable graphicSustainability Plan

Sustainability plans provide a clear vision to incorporate sustainable practices in all of the department's activities.


Climate Change Initiatives - CO2 (carbon dioxide) chemical symbol written on blackboardClimate Change Initiatives

Promoting environmental sustainability in its daily operations, DDOT has completed two key climate change initiatives: the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and the Climate Change Adaptation Plan.