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District Department of Transportation

DDOT Community Engagement

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is committed to maintaining open communication and engagement with the community, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs), and the Council of the District of Columbia to find solutions for transportation-related matters. DDOT's Community Engagement Division (CED) coordinates, assesses, and addresses community and ANC requests, informs ANCs and communities on the status of DDOT projects and service requests, and identifies strategic and routine actions to build community support for the District's transportation infrastructure projects and program initiatives. 

Beginning in June 2022, DDOT is implementing the web form below to connect with the Community Engagement Division. The form helps efficiently route issues and inquiries to the appropriate CED Specialist and DDOT staff, allowing for a more timely and comprehensive response. Inquiries submitted through this process will receive a response within 15 business days. For all DDOT service requests, please use the DC311 system to submit your request.

If you would like to reach one of DDOT's community engagement specialists, please select your ward representative from the list below and fill out the form with your information and concerns: