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District Department of Transportation

Development Review Program


The DDOT Neighborhood Planning Branch, within the Planning and Sustainability Division (PSD), is tasked with evaluating the impacts of land development actions on the District’s transportation network. These actions include a review of the following applications: Zoning Commission (PUDs, Design Reviews, Campus Plans), Board of Zoning Adjustment, Surveyors Orders (alley closures, new ROW), Large Tract Review, NEPA, Environmental Impact Screening Forms, and the Public Space Committee (curb cuts, streetscapes).

The Development Review Program is led by Aaron Zimmerman, PTP – [email protected]

Guidance for Comprehensive Transportation Review

DDOT developed the Guidance for Comprehensive Transportation Review to provide guidance to the development community regarding site design and transportation analysis requirements for each of the land development application types. Below are the CTR Guidelines, CTR Scoping Form, and a presentation summarizing the CTR Guidelines.

Office to Residential Conversions

As the District of Columbia’s Downtown shifts from an office focus to a mixed-use neighborhood with residents, restaurants, entertainment, and cultural venues, our buildings and the public spaces around them must adapt. DDOT and the Office of Planning (OP) developed guidelines in collaboration with the District of Columbia Building Industry Association to shape a well-designed public realm that is part of a vibrant neighborhood with green spaces and housing where residents have options for enjoying the out-of-doors.

Prior DDOT Research

Since the early 2010s, DDOT has been a national leader in the research of trip generation, off-street parking, and innovations in transportation impact assessment. Each of the studies below has contributed to the industry’s body of knowledge and served as building blocks for the Version 1.0 Guidance for Comprehensive Transportation Review that was released in 2019.