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District Department of Transportation

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program

The goal of DDOT’s electric vehicle (EV) charging initiatives is to expand curbside charging opportunities in the District to incentivize vehicle owners to switch to an electric vehicle. As a greater number of District drivers make the switch to an EV, DDOT looks to find solutions to meet the charging needs of current and future EV owners. Households, especially those without access to off-street parking, may feel disincentivized to make the switch due to the lack of at-home or nearby charging opportunities. So, these guidelines for covering EV charging cords and DDOT’s curbside EV charging program are designed to proliferate charging opportunities and advancing the District’s transportation electrification goals captured in Clean Energy DC and the Sustainable DC 2.0 Plan.

Guidelines: Charging Cord Crossing the Public Right-of-Way

DDOT has witnessed an increasing number of residents extending electrical cords across the sidewalk for the purpose of providing a vehicle with a level 1 charge. As such, DDOT has made available these guidelines for covering the cord so that charging may be provided in a way that does not present a hazard for other users of the public space. The intent behind this guidance is to safely accommodate residents’ charging needs and encourage a higher rate of EV adoption.

Electric Vehicle Curbside Charging Station Program

The EV Charging Station Program creates a public space permit available to EV charging station vendors to install a charger at eligible curbside spaces in the District. The stations are required to be dual-port and Level 2 or DC (direct current) Fast Chargers. Eligible curbside spaces include both residential blocks and business corridors to allow charging while at home and while engaging in commercial activities.

At this time, the permit is not available to individual applicants. Residents seeking to install a charger on or around their block are advised to work with their neighbors, their Advisory Neighborhood Commission, and a charging station vendor to identify a location best suited for a charger. See the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

For Vendors and Applicants

Vendors looking to participate in the program should begin by engaging with residents, DDOT, and Pepco to identify suitable locations for a charger. Vendors should schedule a Preliminary Design Review Meeting (PDRM) with DDOT to discuss their charging station plans at At the same time, vendors should begin working with Pepco to discuss electrification of the proposed site to support a charger. More information about Pepco’s Public Charging Make-Ready Program can be found here.

The District’s EV charging station program requires applicants to bring supporting documentation affirming Pepco’s commitment to supporting the charger. Pepco’s role in this process includes upgrading the grid’s capacity, where necessary; connecting the charging station, and acquiring the necessary permits for excavation. Once Pepco has committed to performing the necessary work, the vendor may proceed through DDOT’s permitting process. A detailed workflow outlining the application vetting process is below.

To help vendors identify locations for chargers, an interactive map of relevant curbside restrictions and existing and proposed infrastructure can be found here. Proposed locations that conflict with or preclude existing and future curbside priorities may not be accepted.

Complete list of curbside EV Charging Station locations owned, operated, and maintained by DDOT – all addresses listed are within the District of Columbia.

  • 1 Level 2 EV chargers with 2 ports total at 2000 14th St NW
  • 2 Level 2 EV chargers with 4 ports total at 200 2nd Pl St SE