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District Department of Transportation

Language Access Program

The Language Access Program (LAP) is designed to ensure that District residents who are limited or non-English proficient are afforded equal access to information and services provided by DDOT. The Language Access Program requirements are covered under the DC Language Access Act of 2004 and Federal Executive Order 13166. The LAP gives residents who speak little or no English the opportunity to receive interpretation services or translated documents when obtaining government services. These services are provided free of charge. In addition to providing these services, agencies are required to collect data on interactions with Limited and Non English proficient customers that they serve or encounter.

The Language Access program is enforced by the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights and in some instances can be enforced by the US Department of Transportation by way of the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, and/or the Federal Railroad Administration.

DDOT is committed to providing outstanding and comprehensive service to all of our customers regardless of language abilities. If you need language assistance services (translation or interpretation), please contact Karen Randolph, Program Analyst, at (202) 671-2620 or [email protected].