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Public Works
Alley Repair - alley repair machine and workers repaving alley

You can request alley repair services by calling the Mayor's Citywide Call Center at 311 or completing a service request online using the District government's

permits, licenses and cerfitications
Apply for a Tree Permit - several adults and children assiting to plant a tree

Any residents and contractors who wish to plant, prune, or remove a tree within the public right of way must first obtain permission from the District Department of Transportation and the Urban Forestry Administ

Bicycle Parking - a rack with several bikes parked side by side

DDOT has a very progressive Bicycle Program with some of the most innovative initiatives in the nation, including the first self-service bike parking program and the Bikestation at Union Station. The Bikestation offers secure, protected parking for more than 100 bikes right next to the...

 Public safety
Bus Stop Change Service Request - red and grey double-length bus pulling up to a bus stop

The bus stop is a critical element in a transit system’s provision of safe, timely, and convenient transportation.

Civil Rights Programs lead image

The Office of Civil Rights administers compliance programs and policies related to Civil Rights for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT).

 Transportation and motor vehicles

The District Department of Transportation’s mission is to ensure efficient and safe mobility of commercial vehicles traveling in the District of Columbia, while mitigating community impacts and preserving transportation infrastructure.

 Public safety
Curb and Gutter Repairs - granite curb and brick-lined gutter on District street

You can request curb and gutter repairs by calling the Mayor's Citywide Call Center at 311 or completing a service request online using the District government's

Changes Ahead lead image

Pursuant to the "Administrative Procedure Amendment Act of 2000" DC LAW 13-249 (48 DCR 3491 April 20, 2001), the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is required to give a written notice of intent to modify traffic and/or parking requirements.

Grants and Funding icon
Green Grant Initiative - a child's hands cupping a tree sapling

Funded through the US Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program, UFA offers grants of varying size on a rolling basis.

Transportation and motor vehicles
Park and Charge Pilot - electric car charging station

DDOT has launched the Park and Charge Pilot in November 2010 to provide electric vehicle users the ability to charge up at public curbside parking spaces. 

Parking Meters
Parking Meters - gray double-headed standard parking meter

The goal of good parking management is to regulate the parking assets (spaces) in a manner that ensures that a percentage of spaces are available at any given time for short term parking.

Public safety
Pavement Markings - DDOT worker showing people how to spray pavement marking arrow

Pavement markings include crosswalk lines, turn arrows, lane dividers and bike lanes. You can request new pavement markings or repairs by calling the Mayor's Citywide Call Center at 311 or completing a service request online using the District...

Transportation and motor vehicles
Pay by Phone - DC parking meter with bright green instructions sticker on the side

The District's Pay by Phone Program will allow residents, workers and visitors to use their mobile phones to pay for parking at all of the approximately 17,000 on-street metered spaces throughout the District of Columbia.

Performance-based Parking Pilots - cars parked at curb during peak hourly rates

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) began implementation of the Performance-based Parking Pilot Zone Act of 2008 in three District neighborhoods:

Public safety
DDOT Pothole Repair - pothole machine at work

DC's standard is to repair potholes within three days of reporting.

Public Space Management - aerial view of the District

The District Department of Transportation has management and oversight responsibility for the use and occupancy of the public space. The goal of Public Space Management is to achieve and maintain safe and beautiful streets.

Permits, Licenses and Certifications icon
Public Space Tree Permit - tree-lined sidewalk scene

Anyone, whether resident or contractor, who plants, prunes or removes a public street tree within the Public Right-of-Way must first obtain permission from the DDOT Urban Forestry Administration (UFA).

ROSA stands for registration of out of state automobiles. Automobiles housed in the District of Columbia for 30 consecutive days are required to be registered and display a valid DC inspection sticker and tags when parked or operated on public space.

Report a Broken Parking Meter - grey parking meter with a broken dome

You can report a Broken Meter by calling the Mayor's Citywide Call Center at 311 or completing a service request online using the District government's Service Req

Reserve Parking for a Funeral - herse with a funerary floral arrangement in the foreground

A funeral includes any event at which mourners come to pay respects to the deceased. This includes events such as wakes, viewings, visitations, and memorial services.