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Reserve Parking for a Funeral

Reserve Parking for a Funeral - herse with a funerary floral arrangement in the foreground

A funeral includes any event at which mourners come to pay respects to the deceased. This includes events such as wakes, viewings, visitations, and memorial services. Other events associated with comforting the deceased’s family, such as repasts, are eligible for a One-Time Non-Recurring Event Permit are available at Transportation Online Permit System (TOPS).

Is a permit needed to reserve parking for a funeral?

Yes. Any use of the public right-of-way (defined as the space outside the private property line) requires permission from the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). The reserved parking location is adjacent to the venue hosting the funeral service.

Where is this permit available?

The permit is available online. Submit your application online at Transportation Online Permit System (TOPS). Once approved and paid for, the permit can be printed from any computer. The Reserved Parking signs can only be printed from DDOT kiosks located at the DDOT Permit Office (1100 4th Street, SW, 2nd floor) or at all seven Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) District Stations. DDOT-issued Reserved Parking signs must be used and legally posted (all applicable regulations are printed on the back of the signs) in order for the parking restriction to be enforced.

What do I need when I apply for this permit?

  1. Due to limitations in TOPS, do not list any parking meters that may be occupied. Until these limitations are addressed, DDOT will not charge for occupancy of meters for funeral-related reservation of parking.
  2. When completing the application confirm that you will not park in any of the restricted areas (e.g. bus zones, hydrants).
  3. For Permittee, list the name and information of the Funeral Home that is handling the funeral arrangements. For Owner, list the name and information of the building in which the funeral service will be conducted.
  4. In addition to the time of the funeral, parking may be reserved for up to two hours before the funeral.

How much will this permit cost?

The permit will cost $55.00. Payment can be made online with Discover, MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Alternatively, payment can be made in-person by check or money order at 1100 4th Street, SW.

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When paying in-person, print the invoice for payment from Transportation Online Permit System (TOPS) and bring it and a check or money order payable to the “DC Treasurer” to the Cashier’s Office. Then present the paid receipt from the Cashier’s Office to the Permit Office on the 2nd floor, where you will receive your permit and Reserved Parking signs. 

Note: Paying online saves you a trip, and signifies that you can print your permit and the signs at any MPD District Station.

How long will the application take to process?

If the information does not include any conflicts with existing permit applications and does not include occupying any meters or parking in any zones where parking is prohibited, the approval should be immediate. Otherwise a review may be required.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Vehicles authorized to park in the Reserved Parking area must display a preprinted placard indicating they are parking for the funeral. All Reserved Parking signs must be removed upon the conclusion of the funeral. Failure to remove the signs subjects the permit holder to fines.

What if I need additional information?

Please call the Public Space Permit Office at (202) 442-4670.

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