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Suitland Parkway Trail Proposed Improvements

Mayor Muriel Bowser is working to make streets safer across the District, and the Suitland Parkway Trail Rehabilitation is an important piece of that commitment.

What is the Suitland Parkway Trail?

The Suitland Parkway Trail is a pedestrian and bicycle trail that runs along Suitland Parkway from Southern Avenue to Pomeroy Rd SE. The trail was installed as part of a utility project many years ago. The trail pavement is currently in poor condition.

What is DDOT planning to do?

DDOT is planning to rehabilitate the Suitland Parkway Trail. The rehabilitation would include re-paving the trail, widening the trail, and adding a crash barrier between the trail and the roadway. Other potential changes include adding connections to the trail at Southern Avenue and Alabama Avenue, and extending the trail north to the Anacostia Metro Station. Ultimately, the trail will connect to the new Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge and the Anacostia River Trail.

Will this project affect parking?

No. The Suitland Parkway Trail project will not affect parking.

When will the work be done?

This project is a long-range project that will take time to design and engineer. We expect to begin the design process in 2019 to gather more public input. There is no schedule for construction at this time.

Who maintains the Suitland Parkway Trail?

DDOT maintains the trail through the WABA Trail Rangers program. The Trail Rangers work to keep the trail clean and provide information and assistance to trail users,

Where can I get more information on this project?

Michael Alvino, Bicycle Program Specialist - Trails, 202-671-1321, [email protected]

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Suitland Trail