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District Department of Transportation

Streateries in the District


As part of the District’s reopening, food establishments may temporarily open outdoor seating in public spaces in compliance with DDOT's temporary Streatery Guidelines. Food establishments that are not already permitted for outdoor dining, or that want to expand their outdoor space, can apply by submitting this online registration form.

Restaurants can apply to use expanded sidewalk space, alleys, parking lanes, and travel lanes for table seating. Retailers can use the same link to apply for space for curbside pickup and delivery.

Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)-licensed establishments and restaurants not serving alcohol with existing sidewalk cafes and summer gardens that plan no changes to their previously approved perimeters are not required to register under the new process and may start operations immediately. Any new or expanded spaces must be clearly delineated from any preexisting licensed space. All businesses providing outdoor table service on licensed sidewalk cafes or summer gardens or in a new or expanded space must comply with DDOT-issued guidelines, including seating configurations and patron queueing.

The temporary Streatery Program is currently set to expire on August 31, 2022. At the direction of Mayor Bowser, DDOT is working to create a permanent Streatery Program to allow Streateries in public spaces after the temporary program expires.

An interactive map of issued public space permits for Streateries approved in the temporary program can be found below: