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Shovel Your Sidewalk

Help Keep the Sidewalks Safe

The District's Snow Team is always ready to tackle the snow. But making sure people can move about the city requires more than snow plows. it takes a team effort from all our property owners, residential and commercial, to clear the sidewalks of snow as well.

Clearing sidewalks after snowstorms helps to ensure the safety and mobility of the District community. This especially holds true for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Uncleared sidewalks pose a real danger and can be life threatening to pedestrians. When the sidewalks are not clear of snow or ice pedestrians may injure themselves on the slick sidewalk or be forced to walk in the roadway with vehicular traffic.

After a snowstorm, please shovel your entire sidewalk and keep in mind that wheelchairs need at least 36” to pass. Also, please clear any curb ramps or bus shelters adjacent to your property.

Thank you for doing your part in making our sidewalks safe for all this winter season. It's the right thing to do and it's required by law, and to encourage compliance DDOT and DPW launched this public awareness campaign. Please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

Snow Tips

DDOT and DPW remind you to:

  • Clear your sidewalks of snow and ice within eight hours following the end of a snow/ice storm.
  • Help your elderly or disabled neighbors remove snow from steps and sidewalks.
  • Please make sure that you shovel safely. Snow is very heavy, especially when wet. Individuals with health problems should err on the side of caution and delegate the task to someone else.
  • Use caution when walking on icy or snow covered sidewalks. Avoid walking in the street.
  • Wear light-colored or reflective clothing when walking at night.
  • When you're driving during inclement weather or following a storm, watch for pedestrians walking in the roadway. Allow extra stopping distance at intersections and crosswalks.