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District Department of Transportation

Red Light Enforcement

Red Light Cameras

In a 1999 citywide survey, District of Columbia residents identified unsafe driving—including running red lights and stop signs—as their number one public safety concern. Sixty-two percent said unsafe driving was a serious problem in their communities. (See the results of drivers who take chances and run red lights.)

To help combat the serious problem of red-light running, the District implemented its automated red-light enforcement program in August 1999. The program uses photo enforcement technology to enforce the law fairly and consistently, with the goal of reducing violations, preventing crashes and injuries, and saving lives.

Learn More About the Program

To recommend a new automated traffic camera location or to learn more about Automated Traffic Enforcement, visit the DC Department of Transportation's Traffic Safety Assessment.


The fines for traffic violations captured by automated photo enforcement are exactly the same as the fines for violations issued by a police officer.  (The DC Municipal Regulations may be found at with the search words “Civil Fines for Motor Vehicle Moving Infractions.”

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