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District Department of Transportation

PaveDC Frequently Asked Questions

Active paving

Why is my street being paved?

Mayor Bowser is committed to eliminating all roadways, alleys, and sidewalks in poor condition in Washington, DC by 2024 through the PaveDC initiative. As the agency responsible for maintaining the District’s infrastructure, DDOT fills potholes, resurfaces roadways, replaces sidewalks, installs roadway markings, and builds and maintains bridges in support of the Mayor’s vision.

Each year, DDOT creates a paving plan based on pavement condition index (PCI) ratings; community requests; and planned utility repairs, among other criteria. This process occurs each winter when road conditions are most likely to deteriorate due to the impact of freezing temperatures and precipitation on asphalt. The DDOT team visually assesses each location to determine the type of roadway rehabilitation that is required and whether sidewalk repairs are also needed. Construction season typically begins in April and continues through November, weather permitting.

How will I be notified when the work is scheduled?

Doorhangers will be placed on the affected residences approximately one week prior to the beginning of construction. Emergency No Parking Signs will be posted 72 hours prior to the work beginning.

All planned work is published on DDOT’s PaveDC portal. In addition, each week, the Weekly Construction Update, which lists all of DDOT’s planned and active construction work in roadways, sidewalks, or alleys, organized by ward is distributed by email. To sign up for the Weekly Construction Update, please visit

DDOT’s Community Engagement Division also distributes formal notices to the appropriate Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner(s) and Councilmembers approximately two weeks before construction begins.

Why is my street not on the paving plan?

If a location has not been selected, it likely means that it does not meet the criteria DDOT uses to create the annual paving plan. If your street is not on the plan for a given year, this does not mean that it won’t be paved. Please submit a request through 311.

How can I find out when a particular location will be repaved?

Each week, DDOT issues the Weekly Construction Update that includes all of the planned pavement, sidewalk, and alley restoration work for the next weeks, organized by ward. To sign up for the Weekly Construction Update, please visit

The complete annual paving plan is available on the PaveDC website.

How long will the work on my street last?

Typical resurfacing/repaving of a street can last three to five days, depending on weather and any other delays that may occur.

How will rain/bad weather affect the construction schedule?

Inclement weather will delay work as rain prevents asphalt from properly adhering to the surface and binding. Parking restrictions will be enforced in the event of inclement weather. DDOT will update and repost Emergency No Parking signs to reflect the revised paving schedule.

Will there be work on the weekends or holidays?

Yes, DDOT will allow roadway resurfacing activities on Saturdays and most holidays in accordance with the Standard Specifications for Highways and Structures Section 103.01, which gives the DDOT Chief Inspections Officer the authority to permit work if proper justification is provided.

Will I be able to get in and out of my driveway/alley?

Access to your private residence will be maintained during the milling and paving work; however, during construction hours, 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., the street will be restricted access and/or closed to allow work to be done without interruption.

What do I do about deliveries scheduled to my home?

Deliveries will continue with slight modifications.

What will happen with my trash pick-up and mail delivery?

These services will continue with slight modifications, as necessary.

I forgot that paving will take place today and I need to get out, but barricades are closing the street. What should I do?

Residents should engage with the construction manager on site to make arrangements for access to your street. Call our Customer Service Division at (202) 671-2700 if you need additional support.

I need to get to work, but paving will begin before I leave. What should I do?

Residents are strongly encouraged to allow extra time for their normal commute during the construction period.

I am hosting a special event on the day my street is being paved; what should I do?

Contact the appropriate DDOT community engagement specialist for questions and/or access concerns. Contact information for each community engagement specialist is available at

When can I drive on the street after paving is complete? Can I walk or ride my bike on fresh asphalt?

Once the milling and paving is complete, it is ready for all users of the roadway. DDOT may install temporary pavement markings to keep the traveling public safe.


Can I park on my street during construction? Can I drive on the street during construction?

Parking will be restricted between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. during the construction period as listed on the posted Emergency No Parking (ENP) signs. The restrictions on the ENP signs will be enforced by the District Department of Public Works.

Access to the street will be extremely limited during construction hours.

What do the “Emergency No Parking” signs on my street mean? They say “No Parking” on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., can I park on my street Wednesday evening after 7:00 p.m.?

Yes, vehicles may park on the street after 7:00 p.m., however, vehicles must be moved prior to 7:00 a.m. in order to prevent any delays with paving operation.

I have a reserved disabled parking space. Do I need to move my car?

Yes. DDOT will work to maintain your access to the public space, which may require the temporary relocation of the reserved space. For questions or assistance, please contact DDOT’s Customer Service Division at (202) 671-2700 to connect with the Parking and Ground Transportation Division.

Will parking restrictions be enforced during the declared public health emergency due to coronavirus (COVID-19)?

All parking restrictions noted on the Emergency No Parking sign will be enforced by the District Department of Public Works (DPW). Residents should find alternative parking arrangements before construction begins.

What do I do if my car is towed?

If your vehicle is towed, please call 311 to locate the vehicle. Please have your license plate number, make, model, and VIN number available.


Who do I contact if the work was not completed properly or if I have a general question about paving in the District?

Please contact DDOT’s Customer Service Division at (202) 671-2700.

Who do I call in case of an emergency?

Please call 311 for non-life-threatening emergencies. Please call 911 for life threatening emergencies.