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Multimodal Value Pricing Pilot for Metered Curbside Parking -- Penn Quarter/Chinatown

Multimodal Value Pricing Pilot for Metered Curbside Parking

The Multimodal Value Pricing Pilot is using the Penn Quarter/Chinatown area as a laboratory to test state-of-the-art strategies to make it easier to find a parking space.

The project will accomplish this by doing the following:

  1. Provide real-time parking-availability information so customers spend less time searching, and
  2. Change parking pricing (both raising and lowering prices) so more spaces are available. 

In addition, the pilot allowed DDOT to test a more cost-effective, “asset-lite” approach to collecting parking data.

The pilot was largely successful at achieving its goals. After four years and five price changes:

  • Parking availability increased on high-demand blocks and underutilized spaces found more takers.
  • Better information from DDOT helped drivers to understand when and where they could park, and where parking was available.
  • Circling for parking decreased as finding parking became easier and congestion decreased.
  • Applying pricing to loading zones began to address issues with double parking and illegal use of loading zones.
  • The program did not negatively affect local businesses.
  • The pilot area still has high usage of non-driving modes.

With the results in, DDOT is looking ahead to the next steps, including continuing the pricing program in Penn Quarter/Chinatown, expanding to other neighborhoods, and testing new technologies that can help make the program even more sustainable.

For the latest rate schedule in Penn Quarter/Chinatown, see Parking in Penn Quarter/Chinatown.

Final Report

The final report from the parkDC: Penn Quarter/Chinatown pilot is available as a single download or individual chapters:

Supporting materials are in the Data Book, available upon request.

Project Background

Penn Quarter/Chinatown Parking issues on vimeo.


A pilot that will move toward improving the parking experience around the Chinatown/Penn Quarter area. 

Program at a Glance

Program Title: Multimodal Value Pricing Pilot for Metered Curbside Parking -- Penn Quarter/Chinatown
Agency: District Department of Transportation
Office: Traffic Operations Administration 

Type: Planning and Strategy