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DDOT Planning and Sustainability Division - PSD

Policy Planning and Sustainability Divisiion- PSD - 3D org chart

The Planning and Sustainability Division (PSD) establishes broad strategic goals to guide multimodal program development, and ensure compliance with these goals and policies through plan review and permitting. 

PSD comprises the following divisions:

The Strategic Transportation Planning Division develops transportation policies from a broad perspective, and comprises the following two branches:
  1. The Transportation Systems Planning Branch prepares strategic goals and plans for the entire city, while also focusing on specific neighborhood needs.
  2. The Regional Planning Branch participates in Washington-area efforts and partners with neighboring jurisdictions to achieve DDOT goals.

The Plan Review and Compliance Division reviews transportation and zoning plans for environmental and transportation policy compliance, and comprises the following the branches:

  1. The Environmental Management and Compliance Branch incorporates environmental management into the DDOT decision-making process in order to provide context sensitive and environmentally sustainable solutions for the department's operations and District's transportation projects; and prepares and implements the State Planning program.
  2. The Plan Review Branch reviews transportation project, developer, and zoning plans.
  3. The Public Space Permits Branch manages the Public Space Committee; issues permits to developers, vendors, and utilities; and assumes responsibility for the overall management of DC public space.


To establish strategic goals to guide multimodal program development.

Program at a Glance

Program Title: Planning and Sustainability Division (PSD)
Agency: District Department of Transportation
Office: Planning and Sustainability Division (PSD)
Type: Administrative