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June 15, 2017: Greater Greater Washington: Columbia Heights’ Barnes Dance intersection is here!

June 15, 2017: WAMU: Pedestrian Scramble: D.C. Revives An Idea From The 1940s To Reduce Accidents

June 5, 2017: DC Curbed: D.C.’s LGBT community will be celebrated with rainbow crosswalks on 17th Street NW



April 20, 2017: WTOP: DC to install 5 ‘green’ alleys as part of 2017 repairs

April 3, 2017: Washington Post: See a pothole? Say something. Potholepalooza is here.


January 19, 2017: Technical.ly: Keep this handy: DDOT built a new interactive map for Inauguration 2017



June 29, 2016: Washington City Paper: Streetcar Ridership Exceeding DDOT's Projections, But Total Trips Are Down

June 29, 2016: WJLA: Free D.C. Streetcar costs taxpayers $8 million to run

June 28, 2016: Washington Post: D.C. Council again weighs making it easier for bicyclist and pedestrians to collect insurance after crashes

June 27, 2016: Patch: Georgetown BID Has Big Plans for K Street / Water Street Corridor

June 27, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: N Street NW has new bike lanes

June 24, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Capital Bikeshare members ride here, bike lanes or not

June 22, 2016: Washington Post: District highlights a parking option during SafeTrack

June 22, 2016: Technical.ly: Check out these cool Capital Bikeshare visualizations

June 21, 2016: District Chronicles: DDOT opens RFK Stadium lot, unveils other parking options to ease commuter challenges

June 16, 2016: Mass Transit Magazine: DDOT Selects VHB to Conduct Livability Study in Washington, D.C.

June 16, 2016: WUSA: Record ridership on Capital Bikeshare

June 16, 2016: Greenfield Reporter: Transportation officials in Washington say they recorded record levels of bike ridership on Capital Bikeshare during the first week of Metro's months-long maintenance blitz

June 15, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Just blocks from the White House... new bike and bus lanes?

June 15, 2016: Washington City Paper: Capital Bikeshare Sees Record Use During First Week of Metro's SafeTrack Maintenance Plan

June 15, 2016: Washington Post:  Once again, Bikeshare capitalizes on Metro's pain

June 15, 2016: Fox: Report: More DC parking tickets issued closer to downtown, entertainment areas

June 14, 2016: DC Inno: DC Responds to 1st Metro Changes by Hopping on Bikes and Ride-Shares

June 14, 2016: WJLA: DDOT Director Leif Dormsjo discusses SafeTrack's second surge

June 14, 2016: GCN: DC pulls tech into the parking space

June 9, 2016: WUSA: DC residents say visitor parking passes are being stolen

June 8, 2016: The Afro: D.C. Meters Vandalized Following Price Increase

June 8, 2016: Borderstan: DDOT to Begin Painting Bus Lanes on Georgia Ave. Tonight

June 5, 2016: GW Hatchet: City officials consider adding bike, bus lanes on Pennsylvania Avenue

June 1, 2016: Washington Times: Parking in D.C. gets pricier as meter rates jump to $2.30


May 24, 2016: Washingtonian: Bike to Work Day 2016, By the Numbers

May 24, 2016: WTOP: Officials look at new ways to power DC streetcars

May 23, 2016: Washington City Paper: Met Branch Trail Sees Record Use on Bike to Work Day

May 22, 2016: Washington Post: Cyclists out on rainy Sunday for D.C.’s inaugural Bike Ride

May 22, 2016: NBC: Massive Bike Ride Takes to DC Streets

May 20, 2016: Washington Post: D.C. Circulator drivers reach wage parity deal

May 20, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: 15th Street's protected bikeway is back!

May 20, 2016: Washington City Paper: D.C. Councilmember Proposes Bill to Increase Bike Safety...Using Cars?

May 20, 2016: WJLA: DMV residents celebrate Bike to Work Day

May 19, 2016: WJLA: DCPS second graders steer their way to success in bike riding program

May 19, 2016: Fox: DC installs new LED lights in Southeast to help improve safety

May 18, 2016: Local Kicks: Streetcars, Once Nearly Extinct, Are Enjoying a Comeback

May 18, 2016: Washington Post: What’s so great about biking in D.C. anyway?

May 18, 2016: NBC: Streetcar to Extend to Georgetown Via K Street? DC Taking a Look

May 18, 2016: WTOP: Planners eye extension of streetcar line to connect Union Station to Georgetown

May 18, 2016: DCIST: Bike To Work Day Returns On Friday

May 17, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: DC's streetcar may go to Georgetown with dedicated lanes

May 17, 2016: Washington City Paper: Petition: Extend the Met Branch Trail to Dupont Circle With a Two-Way Protected Bike Lane

May 17, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Now that it's open, 7 takeaways from the H Street streetcar

May 17, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: West of Union Station, no overhead streetcar wires

May 16, 2016: Georgetowner: D.C. Parking Meter Rates Set to Skyrocket

May 16, 2016: Borderstan: Local Launches Petition for Protected R Street Bicycle Lane

May 13, 2016: Fox: DC council members defend parking meter price hike

May 13, 2016: Washington City Paper: April Streetcar Ridership Down Slightly from March

May 13, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: DC Streetcar ridership is... actually not bad

May 12, 2016: Borderstan: 16th Street Bus Lanes, Stop Cuts Could Take Years to Implement

May 12, 2016: Borderstan: DDOT Finds Plan to Build Plaza Above Connecticut Ave. ‘Feasible’

May 12, 2016: Borderstan: Streetscape Project Could Revamp 14th St. Bus Stops, Crosswalks

May 12, 2016: Washington Post: You’ll pay more at the meter, and D.C. will make an extra $2 million

May 12, 2016: Washington Business Journal: 10 days out, massive D.C. Bike Ride is already surpassing expectations

May 12, 2016: Washington City Paper: Get Ready for Increased Parking Meter Rates in D.C.

May 12, 2016: DCIST: Parking Meter Rate Increases Go Into Effect June 1

May 12, 2016: Washington Post: How safe is bike commuting? Perhaps less than you think.

May 10, 2016: Washington City Paper: Map: See If D.C. Is Spraying a Stinky Ginkgo Tree Near You

May 9, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Out: The Metropolitan Branch Trail's sharp curve at R Street. In: A straighter, smoother ride.

May 5, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Going Dutch: Planners from the Netherlands make suggestions for bike lanes in DC

May 4, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Make space for bikes on the GW Parkway

May 4, 2016: Washington City Paper: NoMa BID: Another Park Will Crop Up Next to Metropolitan Branch Trail

May 3, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Green means go (for bike lanes)

May 3, 2016: Borderstan: Transit Officials Push Ahead With Plan to Bring Streetcar Downtown


April 30, 2016: Washington Post: Remembering the District’s great parking meter massacre

April 30, 2016: We Are Central PA: Bike ride to D.C. kicks off to raise climate change awareness

April 29, 2016: Technical.ly: Meet the guys who think bikeshare can be done better

April 29, 2016: NY Times: Amtrak to Offer Carry-On Bike Service

April 29, 2016: Forest Hills Conection: DC Public Space Committee denies Chick-fil-A’s Van Ness drive-thru permit

April 27, 2016: Hill Now: Eight Capitol Hill-Area Alleys Set for Repairs During ‘AlleyPalooza 3’

April 26, 2016: CBS: D.C. Kicking Off AlleyPalooza Alley Renovation Campaign

April 26, 2016: Fortune: 'Zero Traffic Deaths' Movement Gaining Speed in Major U.S. Cities

April 26, 2016: PC Mag: Texting While Walking? These Sidewalks Will Protect You

April 26, 2016: Next City: How We’ll Know When We’re Getting Bike Equity Right

April 25, 2016: WTOP: In D.C., a push to halt pedestrian traffic deaths

April 22, 2016: Alexandria Times: Council approves updates to pedestrian and bicycle master plan

April 22, 2016: WAMU: At D.C.'s Construction Sites, Debate Over Safety Levels For Cyclists, Pedestrians

April 21, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Work on the Rock Creek Park Trail will fulfill a long-ago promise

April 20, 2016: Chicago Mag: The Curious Reasons Why Bike Share Is So Safe

April 20, 2016: Register Guard: Let’s slam the brakes on rising traffic fatalities

April 19, 2016: Borderstan: Dupont Gets New Capital Bikeshare Station

April 19, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Taking the streetcar is, in fact, way faster than walking

April 18, 2016: City Lab: Identifying the Safest Intersection Designs for Cyclists

April 18, 2016: Washington Post: Church-hosted ‘bike blessing’ hopes to mend relationship between cyclists and churches

April 18, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: A safer bike ride through Rock Creek Park is on the way

April 18, 2016: DCIST: What A Blessing: D.C. Priest Will Pray Over Bikes And Cyclists

April 18, 2016: WTOP: Residents say transportation is D.C. region’s biggest challenge

April 18, 2016: WTOP: 50 cities with the greenest commutes

April 14, 2016: Washington Post: D.C. Circulator expansion on hold after troubling audit

April 12, 2016: Patch: DC, VA Lawmakers Urge Immediate Action on Memorial Bridge

April 12, 2016: WTOP: Police stepping up patrols to curb pedestrian deaths

April 11, 2016: The Wash Cycle: Incorporating On-Road Bicycle Networks into Resurfacing Projects

April 11, 2016: DCIST: DDOT Enforces Dedicated Bus Lanes On Georgia Avenue

April 11, 2016: The Washington Post: Safety officials want travelers to be Street Smart

April 11, 2016: Popville: “Georgia

April 8, 2016: Washington City Paper: Best of DC: Best Government Hashtag Campaign

April 8, 2016: WAMU: Defective Buses, Inadequate Maintenance Found In Audit Of D.C. Circulator

April 8, 2016: WTOP: Exclusive: Audit finds DC Circulator buses crumbling, unsafe for service

April 8, 2016: The Hoya: M Street Temporarily Widens Sidewalks

April 8, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: In DC's West End, construction projects are endangering cyclists and pedestrians

April 7, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Check out what’s new with NoMa’s park plans

April 7, 2016: Take Part: Here's the Ironic Reason Bike Sharing Could Be the Key to Keeping Riders Safe

April 7, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: You don't have to push this button to cross the street

April 7, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Here's an interactive map of DC's efforts to fix potholes

April 6, 2016: DCIST: Metro General Manager: Extended Metro Line Closures Are Unnecessary

April 6, 2016: Borderstan: Capital Bikeshare Installs New Station Near Thomas Circle

April 6, 2016: Route Fifty: D.C. Takes Its War on Potholes Mobile

April 6, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Both DC and Arlington open bus lanes this month

April 6, 2016: WTOP‘Jeopardy!’ shuts down roads intermittently in D.C. for 2 weeks

April 6, 2016: Washington Post: D.C. will test bus-only lanes on a short stretch of Georgia Avenue

April 6, 2016: Technical.lyTrack DC’s #Potholepalooza with this interactive map

April 4, 2016: VOX: A new study looks at why bike share is so much safer than regular biking

April 4, 2016: Technical.ly: DC’s TransitScreen raises $800K more in seed funding

April 4, 2016: D.C. Beginning Its Annual Campaign To Fill Potholes

April 4, 2016: WAMU: D.C. Has A New Tool In The Fight To Fill Potholes: Tablets

April 4, 2016: FOX5: DC beginning its annual Potholepalooza campaign to fill potholes

April 4, 2016: WUSA9: District kicks off Potholepalooza campaign

April 4, 2016: Washington Post: Get ready to report your neighborhood’s potholes. Potholepalooza kicks off.

April 4, 2016: WTOP: D.C. changes how it tracks, fills potholes this season


March 31, 2016: Washington PostFirst came transit-oriented communities, now it’s ‘trail-oriented’ development

March 31, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Union Station expansion plans will help train riders, cyclists, and many more

March 30, 2016: WTOPCirculator bus riders face major delays

March 30, 2016: Washington Post: How bad will travel be during the Nuclear Security Summit?

March 29, 2016: DCIST: The Nuclear Non-Options: Security Summit Will Cause A 'Tough Traffic Day'

March 29, 2016: Washington Post: Nuclear Security Summit means ‘tough’ times for D.C. traffic this week

March 28, 2016: PR NewswireRATP Dev Celebrates One Month of Service to Passengers on the DC Streetcar

March 28, 2016: Washington Post: A round of applause for the D.C. streetcar

March 28, 2016: WUSA9: Metro turns 40

March 28, 2016: WJLA: Cherry blossoms reach peak bloom and so does traffic

March 28, 2016: Washington Business Journal: Ted Leonsis says D.C. just saved commuters 5 hours a week. DDOT isn't so sure.

March 25, 2016: WTOP: Metro’s one-day shutdown just a sign of things to come, GM says

March 25, 2016: USA Today: Bike programs need subsidies to keep rolling

March 25, 2016: Transport Tropics: Foxx to Talk Future of Transportation at D.C. Think Tank March 30

March 24, 2016: Borderstan: Nuclear Security Summit to Bring Transit, Parking Restrictions Next Week

March 24, 2016: PC Magazine: Waze Will Now Alert You of Dangerous Intersections

March 23, 2016: The Wash CycleThis plan would make it easier to walk or bike from L'Enfant Plaza to the Southwest Waterfront

March 23, 2016: Washington Post: After a Metro shut down, new ways to move from Point A to Point B

March 23, 2016: American Progress: Pains, Trains, and Automobiles During the D.C. Metrorail Shutdown

March 23, 2016: WAMUExtended Closure Of L Street Cycle Track Angers Cyclists, D.C. Lawmakers

March 22, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Transit, bikes, and teleworking have all gained popularity

March 22, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: A new bike trail could connect the Met Branch Trail to 4th Street NE

March 22, 2016: Washington PostGas, power and the streetcar: Someone had to tell them how much to charge

March 21, 2016: Prospect: Transit Safety Shuffle in the Nation’s Capital

March 21, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: When Metro closed, commuters took to the trails

March 21, 2016: Technical.ly: These data visualizations show how DC gets around when there’s no Metro

March 21, 2016: WTOP: Local transit agencies feel costs of Metro shutdown

March 21, 2016: Forest Hills Connection: Work begins on Connecticut and Ellicott pedestrian crossing signal

March 21, 2016: Washington Post: How a National Transit Map could connect ‘transit deserts’ to the grid

March 21, 2016: WAMU: Is D.C. Moving Fast Enough On Bike Lanes? Six Miles To Be Added In 2016

March 18, 2016: WTOP: Study ranks D.C. traffic 2nd-worst in U.S.

March 18, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Here's how to bike in the city safely and confidently

March 18, 2016: Washington City Paper: DDOT: Metropolitan Branch Trail Extremely Popular During Metro Shutdown

March 18, 2016: DC Inno: Inside the Company Building DC's Streetcars

March 17, 2016: Washington Times: Metro resumes: D.C. subway shutdown ends, but systemic problems remain

March 17, 2016: Washington City Paper: Capital Bikeshare Has Seen a Significant Spike in Single-Use Ridership During Metro Closure

March 16, 2016: Washington Business Journal: Uber, Lyft gear up for a day without Metro; Capital Bikeshare memberships, D.C. Circulator free

March 15, 2016: Washington Post: A transportation planning degree combines sustainability, transit and city development

March 15, 2016: WJLA: Speed and potholes cause issues along Park Road

March 15, 2016: Washington City Paper: On H Street–Benning Road, X2 Still Reigns Supreme

March 8, 2016: Federal News Radio: A desire named streetcar

March 8, 2016: WTOP: Research emerges on bike-share safety across the U.S.

March 8, 2016: WJLA: Bumpy D.C. road blamed for causing damage to homes

March 8, 2016: The Wash Cycle: Actually, Federal funding of Bikeshare does make sense

March 8, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: 15th Street's protected bikeway is a sidewalk now

March 8, 2016: Washington Post: D.C. streetcar workers vote to join Metro union

March 8, 2016: Washington City Paper: D.C. Streetcar Workers Vote 4:1 to Join Local Transit Workers’ Union

March 8, 2016: Construction Global: Delayed D.C. Streetcar system opens

March 07, 2016: News Week: Public Transport: A Streetcar Named Despair

March 07, 2016: Washington Post: Faster than a slow-moving streetcar? Well, maybe.

March 07, 2016: WTOP: D.C. streetcar system can learn from Atlanta’s mistakes

March 07, 2016: Popville: Awesome “Lightweight and Electric Bikes Could Be Coming to Your Local Bikeshare System”

March 3, 2016: The Wash Cycle: DC's 2005 Bike Plan, a progress report

March 3, 2016: WJLA: DC's Arlington Memorial Bridge could close in 5 years

March 3, 2016: Washington Post: All about D.C.’s snow melting machine

March 3, 2016: Washington Informer: DC Streetcar Rides Again 54 Years Later

March 2, 2016: Washington Post: Buses and trains: That’s what will solve congestion.

March 2, 2016: WTOP: Buzzard Point Marina set to close as part of Waterfront redevelopment

March 2, 2016: Washington Post: Rand Paul calls D.C. streetcars ‘calamitous,’ District spokesman slams him as hypocritical

March 2, 2016: Washington Post: Theory no longer, streetcars scrutinized by commuters, partiers

March 1, 2016: WJLA: Week one for D.C.'s new streetcar

March 1, 2016: Washingtonian: Rand Paul Takes on the DC Streetcar

March 1, 2016: Washingtonian: Let’s Tear Down the Southeast Freeway and Build a New Neighborhood

March 1, 2016: WTOP: Day One: Commuting on the D.C. streetcar

March 1, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: DC Streetcar's exuberant opening day, in photos and video


February 29, 2016: The Washington City Paper: 11th Street Bridge Park Won’t Be Completed Until At Least 2019

February 29, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: How can our commuter railroads be better? DC wants your input

February 29, 2016: TI News Daily: New DC Streetcar begins service this weekend in D.C.

February 29, 2016: Washington Business Journal: Do not attach yourself to the D.C. streetcar, and other things to know ahead of the launch

February 29, 2016: WJLA: D.C. Streetcars now open to the public

February 29, 2016: WUSA9: DC streetcars begin full service

February 29, 2016: Washington Business Journal: D.C. streetcar debuts, ‘feels like magic’

February 29, 2016: The Washington Post: Here’s what I want Mayor Bowser to say when she launches those wretched streetcars

February 29, 2016: The Washington Post: D.C. streetcar makes its first voyages on H Street. ‘Is it really happening?’

February 29, 2016: Washingtonian: DC Streetcar Appears to Function, Boding Well for Public Debut

February 29, 2016: Washingtonian: The DC Streetcar Is Finally Running

February 29, 2016: The Washington Post: Want to ride the D.C. streetcar? Here’s a handy FAQ.

February 29, 2016: Railway Gazette: DC Streetcar opens

February 29, 2016: Washington City Paper: Overheard at the D.C. Streetcar’s Grand Opening on Saturday

February 29, 2016: WAMU: After 50-Year Hiatus, Streetcars Are Running Again In Washington D.C.

February 26, 2016: Washingtonian: Meet the Man Who Got the DC Streetcar Running

February 26, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: The Metropolitan Branch Trail is ready for a facelift

February 26, 2016: WTOP: All aboard: D.C.’s streetcar line opens Saturday

February 25, 2016: Washington Post: Sidewalk travel should have equal rights with street travel

February 24, 2016: Next City: Long-Delayed D.C. Streetcar Ready for Passengers

February 24, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: The DC Streetcar starts service on Saturday. It took a wild ride to get here.

February 23, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Here's why the DC region has so many bus systems

February 23, 2016: WJLA: D.C. residents receive parking tickets in spots that 'seem' okay to park in

February 23, 2016: DCIST: Head Of DDOT Says Fire Chief Is 'Unsung Hero' Of D.C. Streetcar

February 22, 2016: Afro: Beleaguered D.C Streetcar System to Accept First Riders Feb. 27

February 22, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: DC will swap driving lanes for bike lanes in four key places

February 19, 2016: WTOP: D.C. Streetcar service to begin Feb. 27

February 19, 2016: Technical.ly: Get ready to ride the H Street streetcar

February 19, 2016: Washington Times: D.C. Streetcar to begin service this month

February 19, 2016: Washington Post: Fourth mayor’s the charm? Bowser sets D.C. streetcar grand opening for Feb. 27

February 19, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: H Street streetcar will carry passengers on February 27, says Bowser

February 19, 2016: DCIST: D.C. Streetcar Will Start Passenger Service On The 27th

February 19, 2016: WAMU: Long-Awaited D.C. Streetcar To Start Passenger Service On Feb. 27 (No, Really)

February 19, 2016: Washingtonian: DC Streetcar Will Start Passenger Service on February 27

February 19, 2016: Washington City Paper: Weeks After Major Snowstorm, Pedestrian and Disability Advocates Voice Lingering Concerns About Response

February 19, 2016: Washington Times: D.C. blizzard plows through snow removal budget; lax enforcement criticized

February 18, 2016: WTOP: Pothole damage costing U.S. drivers billions

February 18, 2016: WAMU: In Battle Against Congestion, D.C. Region Juggles Competing Visions For Transit

February 17, 2016: The Wash Cycle: DDOT takes first steps toward Hopscotch Bridge replacement.

February 17, 2016: WAMU: How D.C. Streetcar May Have (Finally) Made It Through The Testing Process

February 17, 2016: DCIST: The District Could See A Record Number Of Potholes This Year

February 17, 2016: WTOP: DDOT holds ‘hackathon’ in hopes to improve traffic safety

February 17, 2016: DCIST: How To Ride The Streetcar, A 3 Minute Instructional Adventure

February 11, 2016: NY Times: How to Build a Streetcar That Works

February 11, 2016: DCIST: 16th Street Is Getting A Bus Lane, But It Will Still Take A Few Years

February 11, 2016: Washington City Paper: Vision Zero ‘Hackathon’ Planned for Saturday

February 10, 2016: Technical.ly: Transportation Techies to hold Metro Hack Night at WMATA HQ

February 10, 2016: WAMU: For Slow-Moving 16th Street Buses, Relief Will Also Come Slowly

February 10, 2016: Washington City Paper: At Traffic Safety Hearing, Councilmember and DDOT Director Debate Fines

February 9, 2016: Forest Hills Connection: DDOT seeks new "Safe Routes to School," sidewalk gaps coordinator

February 9, 2016: DCIST: Capitol Hill Treehouse Owners Turn To Crowdfunding For 'Rescue' Operation

February 9, 2016: Washington Post:  More than 20 percent of residents bike to work in these three D.C. neighborhoods

February 8, 2016: Washington Post: Majority of D.C. drivers don’t think higher traffic fines will make roads safer

February 8, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Walkers were left out in the cold after the blizzard

February 8, 2016: FOX5: DDOT hosts public meeting for Eastern Downtown Protected Bike Lanes

February 8, 2016: Washington City Paper: Preferred Alternative for Controversial Downtown Bike Lane Still Unclear

February 8, 2016: Washington Post: Can prominent black churches agree with newer residents on bike lanes?

February 8, 2016: WJLA: Protected bike debate held in D.C.

February 8, 2016: NBC: DC East Neighborhoods Weigh In on Bike Lane Plans

February 5, 2016: Greater Greater Washington:  A church in Shaw thinks bike lanes make streets safer

February 5, 2016: Greater Greater Washington:  Use this map to share your ideas for better east-west travel across DC

February 5, 2016: Washington Post: Snowzilla’s parting gift: potholes

February 5, 2016: WJLA: Frustration grows over D.C. streetcar delays and towing

February 4, 2016: The Guardian: How to slow down traffic: ditch kerbs, keep potholes, plant trees

February 4, 2016: Greater Greater Washington:  Nobody cleared the Mount Vernon Trail after Snowzilla. Future storms might be different.

February 4, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: DC is testing a way to curb stormwater pollution

February 4, 2016: Borderstan: Locals Now Can Vent About Crosstown Travel Woes on D.C. Map

February 3, 2016: NBC: Most Snow Emergency Route Violations on First Day of Blizzard   Were in Northwest DC

February 3, 2016: Washingtonian: DC Will Close the Roads in May so 8,000 Cyclists Can Ride

February 3, 2016: Washington Post: D.C.’s 16th Street on track to get a bus lane

February 2, 2016: DCIST: D.C. Is Studying How To Improve Travel Between Ward 1 And Ward 5

February 2, 2016: Washington Post: D.C.’s old streetcar system is gone, but miles of rails are still down there

February 2, 2016: WAMU: Wheelchair Users Say They Are Forgotten In Blizzard Cleanup Efforts

February 2, 2016: WTOP: I-395 project will clog lanes in D.C. overnight for months

February 2, 2016: Greater Greater Washington: Bike lanes here, bike lanes there

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