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DDOT Interactive Maps

Aerial View of DC area

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DDOT’s Public Space Occupancy Map

This map shows existing construction projects, emergency utility work and special events. The icons represent activities temporarily affecting public space, which displays various details when selected. For example, public space permit numbers and beginning and end dates for a project or special event. This allows users to examine activities in greater detail. Data for the map is pulled from DDOT’s Transportation Online Permitting System (TOPS) and ProTrack (DDOT project tracking) databases.

Commercial Use of Public Space

This map shows the commercial use of public space for businesses such as food and merchandise vendors, farmers' markets, valet staging, sidewalk cafes and food trucks. 

The Functional Classification System is used to identify roads, streets, and highways that are eligible for federal funds.

Streetlight Assets

The map contains locations and attributes of street lights, created as part of the District of Columbia, Department of Transportation (DDOT) Street Spatial Database (SSD).

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) and LED Streetlights

A map of all streetlights under DDOT’s jurisdiction, highlighting LED Streetlights. LED Streetlights are identified based on their Correlated Color Temperature (CCT). 

Permit Viewer

This map shows the current and historic public space permits. 

DC Truck and Bus Routes Map

The District of Columbia created a citywide truck and bus route system based on engineering characteristics, roadway classifications, planner review, industry and community feedback, and field observations, which trucks and buses should use as long as possible until reaching their final destination.

Truck Route Trip Planner

This truck routing tool maps out the best routes for oversize/ overweight and large trucks traveling through the District. These mapped routes will factor in the District’s truck routes and restrictions, as well as the geometric constraints of vehicles up to 75 feet long and 80,000 pounds. To access the tool, click “Guest Access” when you are prompted to log in; then, as your origin, select your “Boundary Location” or point of entry into the District; next type in your destination; and finally press “Generate” for your route.

Snow Response Reporting System

Find a DC location using a method in the link. Select the matching location from the list to show DDOT snow AVL status. Find out which areas have been plowed and salted. 

Streetcar Story Map

Take a tour of Washington, DC's past and look at its plans for the future with this story map. 

Pavement Condition Index Map

An interactive map showing the FY15 PCI scores for Washington, DC

Tree Vandalism

See the trail of recent street tree vandalism. View more than 750 street trees that were damaged during the rampage in spring 2014.  

Georgetown Sidewalk Map

This map shows open sidewalk requests for service in and around the Georgetown Business Improvement District.  


Map Archives

Residential Permit Parking Map

Residential Permit Parking blocks mapped in the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions in all eight wards, 2014.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Collisions Ward Map 1997-1999

Pedestrian and bicycle collisions mapped by all eight wards in the District from 1997 to 1999.

Bicycle Crash Concentrations Map 1997-1999

Bike crash concentrations mapped from 1997 to 1999.

Bicycle Map 2011

DDOT works hard at making the District of Columbia one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country (dimensions 24x36", 2 pages).

Bikeshare DC Crowd Sourcing Map - July 2010

Bikeshare DC Crowd Sourcing Heat Map.

Bikeshare DC Planning Analysis Map - July 2010

Bikeshare DC Planning Analysis Map.

Bikeshare DC Proposed Locations Map - July 2010

Bikeshare DC Proposed Locations Map.

Capital Bikeshare Locations Map - July 2011

Starting in summer 2011, DDOT expanded the current system with 25 new stations and 250 new bikes.

Recommended Commercial Vehicle Bridge and Tunnel Clearances Map

Commercial Vehicle Recommended Bridge and Tunnel Clearances Map.

Columbia Heights Performance Based Parking Pilot Zone Map.

DC Central Business District - No Bike Riding Map on Sidewalks Downtown

Map of the DC Central Business District where bike riding on sidewalk is not permitted downtown.

Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge restriction map and alternative routes for commercial vehicles weighing 10 tons or more.
High Accident Intersections Map, 2009.
K Street Transitway areas map. 

Street Steel Plates Map 2010

Map of street steel plates for 2010.

Archive of Traffic Volume Maps 2002 - 2011

The DC Traffic Volume Map depicts the Annualized Traffic Volume at various locations of the District's roadways.

Wards 1-8 Boundaries 2012

The Ward boundaries shown on these maps were approved by the Council June 21, 2011, and went into effect on Jan 1, 2012.