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DDOT Development Review - FAQs

Please review the frequently asked questions about the Development Review process.

What are the key steps that I will need to complete while participating in the Development Review process?

  1. Contact Development Review Branch and schedule an initial scoping meeting.
  2. Receive Applicant Letter and Comprehensive Transportation Review (CTR) guidelines. Please download the CTR [PDF] document.
  3. Submit scoping document deliverables and proposed scope of work.
  4. Conduct scoping meeting at DDOT office.
  5. Obtain DDOT approval for CTR scope of work.
  6. Coordinate with assigned case manager regarding schedule, task, milestones, etc.
  7. Submit final CTR Report at least 45 days before Development Review Case Hearing.
  8. Receive final approval.
  9. Obtain EIS/F approval.
  10. Participate in the PDRM process and Public Space Committee process.
  11. Apply for relevant permits.
  12. Report on Performance Monitoring and Measurement.

When and where is the initial applicant meeting and scoping meetings held?

55 M Street, SE

Meetings are held during normal business hours at DDOT headquarters, 55 M Street, SE. Scoping meetings can be scheduled anytime, but are encouraged prior to filing for a hearing or shortly thereafter.


How to schedule an initial meeting or scoping meeting?

Scoping meetings can be scheduled with the Development Review branch by using the Transportation Online Permit System (TOPS) at tops.ddot.dc.gov.

What is the applicant required to provide at the initial meeting?

Applicant will be asked to discuss the proposed development program (e.g. no. of units, SF of retail, etc.) as well as a general concept of how the site will be utilized and how it may interact with the public space.

What is the applicant is required to provide at the scoping meetings?

  1. Proposed site plan and use(s)
  2. Proposed travel demand/trip generation
  3. Proposed study area
  4. Proposed data collection plan

When and where are Zoning Hearings held?

441 4th Street, NW

Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment cases are held at 441 4th Street, NW, 2nd floor, adjacent to the Judiciary Square Metro Station 6.

What does the Development Review Case Manager do?

  1. Provide testimony on behalf of DDOT in front of the Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment.
  2. Write a report to the respective zoning authority detailing the impacts of the applicant’s proposed development on the Districts transportation network.
  3. Analyze final CTR in accordance with the agreed-upon scope and with DDOT policy, DC regulations, and identified best practices.
  4. Facilitate DDOT stakeholder review and input regarding the scope of an Applicant’s CTR.
  5. Review the application for completeness

How much does this review cost?

At this time, the review is done by DDOT at no cost to the applicant.

Why do I need a review?

The CTR is the critical component in DDOT’s review of the site’s impact on the transportation network.

What are the triggers to initiate a CTR?

There are general guidelines that trigger a CTR. In addition, there are triggers within the CTR’s ten key categories that detail the depth of analysis required.Please download the CTR [PDF] document.

How do I request an Expedited Review of my application?

At this time, DDOT does not provide expedited reviews of Development Review Applications.

Where can I get more information?

For more information return to the Development Review process page.