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DDOT Chief Officers

Each of the Chief Officers is responsible for the oversight and management of the following administrations:

Chief Project Delivery Officer

  • DDOT Infrastructure Project Management Division (IPMD)
    Responsible for the design, engineering, and construction of roadways, bridges, and large infrastructure projects in the District of Columbia.
  • DDOT Planning and Sustainability Division (PSD)
    Establishes broad strategic goals to guide multi-modal program development, the policies necessary to implement such goals, and ensure compliance through plan review and permitting.
  • DDOT Transit Delivery Division (TDD)
    Provides the public with efficient, affordable and diverse means of travel within the District.
  • DDOT Traffic Engineering and Signals Division (TESD)
    Plans and designs the District’s traffic control and management assets and infrastructure for the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

Chief Operations Officer

  • DDOT Public Space Regulation Division (PSRD)
    In place to enforce public space laws and regulations and inspect all work in public space completed under a public space permit to ensure the work is completed by DDOT standards.
  • DDOT Parking and Ground Transportation Division 
    Seeks to effectively maintain the integrity of public assets, such as roadways, sidewalks, traffic calming devices, streetlights, parking meters, and ensure a safe and user-friendly transportation environment.
  • DDOT Urban Forestry Division (UFD)
    To manage and increase the District's street trees and to maintain healthy trees.
  • DDOT Maintenance Division
    Maintains the integrity, safety, and condition of transportation infrastructure assets through services provided through four distinct branches.
  • Traffic Operations and Safety Division
    Manages the day-to-day traffic operations for the District.

Chief Administrative Officer

  • Administrative Services Division
    Manages human capital, employee and labor relations, and personnel activities by providing guidance, direction, and interpretation of the agency's personnel, administrative, and operational policies and procedures, as well as consultative personnel services to all administrations.
  • Resource Allocation Division
    Responsible for resource management of federal aid and local transportation funds to ensure funds align with District and agency transportation priorities.
  • Davis-Bacon Division
    Analyzes contracts and interviews project managers to determine total construction commitments for project implementation and modifications.

Chief Performance Officer

  • Information Technology Division
    Plans, develops, manages, and provides information technology-related services to DDOT and ensures those services are aligned with the agency’s strategic goals and objectives and supports operations and service delivery.
  • Customer Service Clearinghouse Division
    Includes the Call Center, which answers calls directly from the public or transferred from the District’s 311 system and the Clearinghouse, which manages all written correspondence from the public.
  • Performance Management Division
    Responsible for developing, tracking, and reporting the Department’s performance metrics in a timely manner to ensure the agency is meeting its strategic goals.
  • Support Services Division
    Plays a key logistical role during emergencies and special events; and provides operational support to all DDOT Administrations through three different branches.
  • Community Engagement Division
    Working in tangent with other community liaisons, this division coordinates, assesses, and helps to address community and ANC requests, educates ANCs and communities on the status of DDOT projects and service requests.