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d. University

55 M Street SE

The d. University offers educational opportunities to employees at the District Department of Transportation (DDOT).

Whether starting out or starting over, d. University can take staff where they want to go. DDOT takes pride in providing DDOT employees with learning experiences tailored to their unique educational goals. That experience includes a wide range of course offerings, talented faculty and staff, small class sizes, a comprehensive array of employee support services, and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you are a first-time attendee or a seasoned student, we believe you’ll find that d. University is focused on helping you achieve your educational goals.

d. University is an educational entity designed to assist DDOT in achieving its goals by conducting activities that foster individual and organizational learning and knowledge. It is a global entity under which employees receive a range of opportunities including personal and professional development and on the job training. Although “d. University” is not an accredited institution, courses are primarily designed, developed and delivered by experienced learning professionals in partnership with accredited colleges.

As you contemplate your education and training, we encourage you to allow the staff of “d.University” to assist you in this academic pursuit.  Come join us, and see why we say, “d. University is your Transportation to Success!

Our Mission

As a division within DDOT, the mission of d. University is to continuously improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of all agency employees so they can think critically, communicate effectively, adjust to a changing work environment, and enhance their quality of work.

To continue providing training and educational experiences that build our staff’s technical competencies, in addition to the traditional training, education and development opportunities that focus on functional knowledge.

Our Vision

  • To actively assist, encourage and promote continuous training, education, and development of all agency employees.
  • Incorporate innovative approaches, resources, and technology to develop and train employees for continuous professional development.
  • Provide training for all employees through a series of instructor-led and e-learning training initiatives to ensure employees are able to achieve key objectives and maintain a level of excellence.

Strategic Goals

Realization of our vision and execution of mission requires measurement against five strategic goals. None of the goals can stand alone; each supports and receives support from the others.

  • Personal and Professional Development: DDOT cultivates a culture of life-long personal and professional development and academic excellence. Have 100 percent of all DDOT employees participate in training and educational activities and opportunities.
  • Aligned, synchronized and integrated: By aligning and synchronizing with learning partners, our products are fundamental to workforce development.
  • A performance-driven organization: DDOT optimizes resources to meet demand and provide customers a highly trained and educated workforce.
  • Learning and operations centric: DDOT offers a learning continuum that is modular, scalable and operationally focused.
  • Globally accessible and portable: DDOT provides training and education information via networks and instructors that are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Form Submission for Training Requests (Password Protected Site)