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Conditions of Public Space Permits

Public Space Permits are only granted in the District, by the Public Space Regulation Division (PSRD) under certain conditions.
  1. Persons regularly performing public space excavation and manhole work are required to provide, on a biweekly basis, plans showing their anticipated activities in the public space within that two-week period.
  2. No work shall be undertaken if the applicant, or the person on whose behalf the application is made, has outstanding restoration in the public space.  This restriction will also apply to applicants with temporary repairs that have failed and the applicant did not undertake restoration within 24 hours of notification by the Office of Infrastructure Oversight (OIO).
  3. Permanent restorations must be completed prior to the winter suspension period, which is from November 1 through March 31.
  4. DC Law 3129, Underground Facilities Protection Act of 1980, requires contacting the "Miss Utility" at (800) 257-7777 at least 48-hours and not more that 10 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Legal Holidays) prior to start of excavation. This is required so notification can be made to participating private utility companies of the proposed work.
  5. Improper housekeeping violations on job sites relating to dirt and debris in the public space shall be grounds for a fine of $500.00 per block/per day and/or revocation of this permit.
  6. Authorized work shall be in accordance with the safety requirements for excavation as outlined in the DC Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Highways and Structures.
  7. Work authorized by this permit shall be in accordance with requirements set forth in FHWA "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices" and traffic control devices must be arranged according to the approved Traffic Control Plans for this project.
  8. Access to alleys, driveways, and roadways must be maintained at all times. The Traffic Services Administration and Fire Marshall must approve any closures of the rights-of-way and the permit must reflect this approval.
  9. Where applicable, all intersections must be plated.
  10. Six (6) feet of sidewalk access must be maintained at all times. The Traffic Services Administration must approve any closures of the rights-of-way and the permit must reflect this approval.
  11. The contractor is responsible for removing and salvaging all cobblestone pavers and other special pavers removed in connection with excavation. The contractor must secure and store materials at contractor's expense and reinstall all materials deemed special or historic as directed by District Engineers or OIO.
  12. All streetlight and traffic signal cables must be safeguarded at all times.
  13. Storage of equipment and/or supplies is prohibited in public space without a permit expressly authorizing it.
  14. Parking of non-commercial, private vehicles is prohibited in the public space subject to the public space permit.
  15. Access to on-street parking must be available at all times when work is not allowed.
  16. The contractor shall notify the Traffic Services Administration prior to the start of work (202-671-2700):
  • Contractor shall maintain two lanes of traffic at all times.
  • Advance Warning signs shall be 43 x 48 florescent orange.
  • Work hours are 9:30 am to 3:30 pm unless allowed otherwise by permit.
  1. If the work zone will block meters or affect metered parking spaces in such a manner as to prevent the free flow of traffic, these meters need to be rented from the Meter Branch of Parking Services at (202) 671-2700. The permit holder must contact the Meter Branch as soon as identifying this impact. Ten business days are necessary for processing the requests.
  2. The Office of Infrastructure Oversight must be notified 48 hours in advance of starting work at (202) 645-6050.
  3.  There must be no more than 1200 feet excavated at one time.
  4. The permit holder is required to repair all failed cuts within 24 hours of notification by the District Department of Transportation, Office of Infrastructure Oversight.
  5. Notify the Office of Infrastructure Oversight five days prior to the commencement of restoration construction via fax at (202) 645-0759; if you have any questions please contact the OIO at (202) 645-7050.

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