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District Department of Transportation

Columbia Road NW Bus Priority

Columbia Rd NW is a vibrant corridor and an important roadway for people walking, biking, driving, and riding the bus. It’s a key connection between neighborhoods in the District and a densely developed corridor where people live, work, shop, and access other destinations. This confluence of mobility and access leads to a busy, congested corridor that has a history of unsafe conditions and severe crashes.

In Fall 2021, DDOT initiated a planning project to make Columbia Rd NW a safer corridor for all roadway users and prioritize the speed, efficiency, and reliability of bus transit, consistent with priorities identified through District-wide planning efforts and other initiatives:

  1. DDOT performed an analysis as part of the forthcoming Bus Priority Plan to assess where infrastructure improvements could be used to save time for bus passengers, and Columbia Rd NW was found to be among the ten corridors in the city where bus passengers are the most delayed by congestion. moveDC identified Columbia Rd NW as part of the transit priority network.
  2. moveDC identified Columbia Rd NW as part of the bicycle priority network, and on February 21, 2021, ANC 1C approved a resolution “in favor of a study and design of Columbia Road NW that includes protected bicycle lanes between 16th Street and Connecticut Ave NW.”
  3. The DDOT State Freight Plan and moveDC have noted the importance of Columbia Rd NW as part of the freight network, and the density of retail and other commercial properties generates high demands for commercial loading.

Below is a presentation summarizing the existing conditions analysis presented at the ANC 1C Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee meeting.

Columbia Road NW Bus Priority March 2022 Presentation