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Bike and Scooter Corrals

Bike and Scooter Corrals 

Over 5 million dockless bike and scooter trips were taken in 2019. To support this growing transit option, DDOT is installing bike and scooter corrals across the District.

The off-sidewalk parking corrals are available for both private vehicles and shared dockless vehicles. Beginning in February 2020, DDOT will install off-sidewalk parking corrals across all eight wards. Residents on impacted blocks will receive notice from DDOT approximately one week before the corrals are installed. Residents can submit a request for off-sidewalk parking corrals here.

Questions? Please contact the appropriate DDOT Community Engagement Specialist

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DDOT is specifically targeting locations where we can make a difference by “daylighting” intersections for pedestrian safety. On District streets where parking is allowed, drivers should generally park no closer than 40 feet from the intersection, unless there is signage indicating otherwise. Where a street has parking signage, all drivers must obey the signs and avoid parking in “no parking” or “no standing” zones approaching intersections.  Installing corrals at these locations provides both needed parking infrastructure for dockless vehicles and also prevents dangerous illegal car parking.

Better Parking Behavior 

In corridors where there are no off-sidewalk parking corrals, scooters should be parked in the “furniture zone” which is within the first five feet of the curb, where there are typically public benches or street trees. Current guidelines require scooters to be parked with one wheel on the curb to allow for the greatest amount of space for pedestrian passage. This is critical to pedestrian safety in residential neighborhoods where sidewalks may be narrower. More information about how to properly park a dockless bike or scooter: 


To increase the availability of convenient bicycle and scooter parking facilities, increase pedestrian safety, and support alternative transportation ridership.